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Topic: Tascam introduces GIGACUBE

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    Tascam introduces GIGACUBE

    I guess you realize that Tascam is keeping its users out of the loop when you to pick up a music and computers magazine to find out about a major new giga product release[nothing in the news letter or giga forums].
    The Gigacube is a hardware preconfigured sampler.
    The giga cube is about a third the size of a standard pc tower, cubed shaped with keyboard, mouse , usb , monitor connections on it with a DVD drive in the front.
    It comes with a midian 4x4 midi. Midiman Delta 1010 and a 15 inch LCD monitor.
    Check out the review in Music and Computers magazine .
    Price Unknown.

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    Re: Tascam introduces GIGACUBE

    I use the eRacks folks to setup; 1 space, rack mount, black, Giga machines.

    I use the 1.4GHZ Athalons, 80GB internal 7200rpm drive, 1 Gig Ram, PCI822 (mounted horizontally), CDrom drive in front.

    Works like a charm. Don\'t work for these guys and not doing ANY solicitation, but for those that are curious:

    ERacks - 1 Space Rack Mounted PC\'s

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