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Topic: Academic Pricing for Garritan Products

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    Academic Pricing for Garritan Products

    I sincerely wished that both Garritan and Make Music would consider having an academic discount for the sound libraries. I teach hundreds of composition students who literally take each and every word I say as gospel. The only reason I chose to work in Finale since 1999 is because that was the program that I was introduced to by my teachers. Not to be mean, but other very popular competitive libraries even offer 4550% off. My students and their parents have literally spent thousands of dollars simply by my recommendations over the years and I am sure that other music programs are either exactly the same if not more.

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    Re: Academic Pricing for Garritan Products

    MakeMusic does offer academic pricing for Finale.

    Check out this page here:


    I'd call the numbers on that page and talk to them and ask them.


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    Re: Academic Pricing for Garritan Products

    We have not offered academic pricing for Garritan due to the already low prices in comparison with some other libraries. I can bring this up however to investigate a new program going forward.

    In the meantime as Chad suggested, I would get in contact with our sales team at 800-843-2066. Depending your needs, we might be able to work something out.
    Justin Phillips
    Senior Product Manager
    MakeMusic, Inc

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