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Topic: My next Piano will be a .nki

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    My next Piano will be a .nki


    I was a fan of Gigastudio concept.

    I\'ve tested in Paris the new Kontakt 1.2 with Diskstreaming.

    It\'s works very well and the next Piano in .nki native format will rock.

    It easy to select a good buffer in Kontakt and no latency with a big Piano (without GSIF).

    i love the filter in Kontakt and it\'s easy to choose a good polyphony ( up to 256 !!!!)

    Kontakt is rock solid and much better than Halion.

    I love the people From Nemesys music. They had created the first
    sampler with big samples and diskstreming technology.

    However, Tascam Marketing is bad. (my opinion)

    Where is the www.tascamgiga.com ?

    Remember :

    Amiga was a great and multitask computer. However Commodore
    had bad marketing and strategy......
    And the bad PC/microsoft concept is now around the world.

    Tascam have a fantastic software : Gigastudio.

    However, if they do nothing, Gigastudio will disapear soon (in the next 2 years)

    Sorry for my poor english !!!

    I was a fan of Gigastudio.....

    However my next sampled Piano will be in .nki format.

    Gigastudio3.0 or 4.0, without GSIF ?




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    Re: My next Piano will be a .nki

    Hi...I think I recognize the author of this thread...is that you, the creator of the East West Steinway and Bosendorfer?? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] In any case, please make your next piano in several formats including GigaStudio and Kontakt so that it will be accessible to more people. And please make your next piano a nice smooth and huge Fazioli!

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    Re: My next Piano will be a .nki

    I hate to say it but I think this is a taste of things to come! Unless the new GS 3 is truly amazing (and I mean f$%^ing amazing) it looks like Kontakt and EXS are quickly gaining ground.

    Such is the cycle of nature, survival of the fittest is even truer in the technology world.


    There is still a chance that GS 3 will be incredible.

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