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Topic: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

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    Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Please help! I don\'t actually use a sampler yet. For the last couple of years I\'ve been skulking on this forum in the hope that I would one day be a user of GS.

    I\'ve done things a little bit back to front. I\'ve acquired several GS libraries, because their prices were vastly reduced at various times, before actually managing to buy a machine or softsampler. Finally I\'m just about there. I bought my machine last month, and I was about to buy GS160 next month. But now it looks as though the bottom is about to fall out of the GS world, and developers sound less and less eager to develop new libraries for it.

    Given that I\'m probably only ever going to afford one soft-sampler I can\'t really mix and match. Looking at the state of things I would plump for Kontakt in an instant, except for two concerns.

    1. I\'m stuck with a bunch of GS libraries. I noticed that Kontakt reads GS, and now does streaming. Can anyone tell me, though, if it can do everything with GS libraries that GS can do, or would I be losing some functionality? For instance I have GOS - would I be able to use the crossfades in Kontakt?

    2. There is the promise of Garritan Solo Strings, and their reliance on features of GS version 3, hanging in the air. Can anyone who is in the know tell me whether GS 3 is really, really going to happen?

    I think if it turned out I could fully use my existing GS libraries on Kontakt, I would go that way, and buy Kontakt libraries in future. Then my only regret would be having bought a PC and not a G5.

    Please help if you can!!


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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    I posted the same topic some time ago. You can find it with the search-option. There are a lot of discussions about this on this board. In short: get kontakt [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Hey, Ive probably been the biggest advocate of Kontakt since it came out(yes, i bought it the MONTH it came out, and have never REALLY turned back or missed GS). But, if u own GS libs. there are a few things u should know. A fully loaded GS160 on a seperate machine will probably stream better than a fully loaded Kontakt VST on the same machine. With Kontakt on the seperate machine via V-stack etc. u will need a little bit more ram for the same performance. Kontakt 1.5 Still does not import Giga MW and x-fade patchs correctly. KS patchs it does well. Halion 2.02 does the giga import thing better..All that said... BUY KONTAKT!!! It`s way more interesting than GS,you dont need 2 comps to run it properly, you dont need a 2nd sound card or FXteleport or MiditoLan,Its VST(welcome to the year 2000),You can workaround the giga import, The time streaching,Tone machine,filters and looping/beat slicing features are a must for me(if your doing film stuff). You really cant go wrong. And then down the road, if GS3 ever appears and blows us away u can save your shekels for that one..Rich

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Sorry, i just feel i have to add this. If your interesting doing monsterous 100+ midi Orchestral mock-ups a la` Hans Zimmer,Jeremy Soule,Thomas J., Simon R. etc... GS160 and a ton of Computers may be the way to go unless u own QLSO(Kompakt).GS is STILL a great workhorse for this type of writing. If u dont need to hear your piece in \"real\" midi time before u render it down Kontakt is still a good midi Orch. contender. e.g I dont mind going back to a track a re-tweaking after I`ve tuned my midi into audio. Its just a mindset workflow habit thing...Rich

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Thanks guys, this really helped. I think I\'ll be going for Kontakt or Halion, and if I really can\'t live with GS conversions then I\'ll just have to save for GS as well.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Halion has the best giga conversion support right now. Kontakt only supports up to 8 velocity layers I believe.

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    On the face of it, Pingu, I\'d say get Kontakt. I use it with Giga Libraries and haven\'t noticed any problems... although, without having Gigastudio to compare it with, I probably wouldn\'t know if I was having problems or not! But it all sounds OK so far. Why not post the question on Native Instruments\' Kontakt forum and state which Giga libraries you have? They might give you some translation tips if you need them.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    If you \"are stuck with\" a bunch of GS libraries, get a cheap version of GS. Make some music. I make do with GS96, and rarely feel limited by it. Even GS32 can work, if you are willing to layer.

    Depending on the work you\'re doing, your next purchase may very well be GPO or EWQLSO Silver or Gold. And they come bundled with samplers.

    The bottom line for me is that the sampler isn\'t a creative tool. It\'s just a sound engine. It\'s the sequencer/notator, sound sets and mixer that I create with. People hear your compositions, performance, sounds, mix, pan, EQ, reverb and effects. Aside from subtle 16/24 bit issues, they don\'t \"hear\" your sampler.

    Frankly, if you\'re doing orchestral music, I\'d get GPO or Silver/Gold first. They\'re both complete packages. I\'d bet your GS libraries aren\'t complete. Work with your Rompler. Then get GS32 cheap - or wait for 3.0. And in the case that your GS library has a better sound than the Rompler, and the sound is important in your piece, then replace the Rompler sounds one by one with GS library sounds only as needed.

    Spending hundreds of dollars on a sampler if you don\'t have all of the sounds that your music needs would only be frustrating. It all comes down to your musical goals.

    So, what libs do you have, and what kind of music do you want to create?

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    Halion 2.02 converts Giga libraries beautifully. I have many Giga libraries and Halion-native libraries and they all work extremely well. The Halion-native libraries (like Scarbee bass) can do things that GS and Giga samples can\'t due to the much more powerful tools and capabilities in Halion.

    NI is much more savvy at marketing than Steinberg. Through very smart licensing strategies, Kontakt is very popular as a stand-alone sample player for many new libraries. Steinberg (Halion) practically dares their customers to use Halion, even though Halion is IMHO the most intuitive and powerful soft-sampler made.

    I think Kontakt does feature 16 velocity layers if they are programmed natively. But Kirk Hunter stated here recently, \"I don\'t know Kontakt\'s limitations with regard to programming native, I just know that trying to convert over more than 8 velocity layers yields a big mess.\"

    Having said all this, I will soon be receiving at least one orchestral library that uses Kontakt as the built-in sample player. Since Kontakt basically comes free with these very affordable libraries, you might try purchasing one of them and see how you like the Kontakt interface. Then you could better compare features against other soft-samplers.

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    Re: Newbie Question - Kontakt vs GS?

    What he said^^^^!! Also keep in mind, the big diff. between Halion and Konkakt lie in NI`s interest in granular synthesis. As a straight sample player Halion is generally easier to program and use(better GUI IMO). But Kontakt is a tweekers paradise.~2 time streach engines,Beat player and slicer with tempo sync(halion just has the loop player),Way more built in effects, Tone machine,Round robin for realistic effect,etc.etc.. 1 Great thing about Halion i find is the 5.1 cap. and how it integrates into Cubase and of course the Giga import for your older libs... I think there the 2 to get right now. Rich

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