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Topic: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

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    Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    Hi guys/gals,

    I was just wondering - with all these wonderful new libraries coming out - wouldn\'t it be great if they would be more affordable?

    Seriously, I\'m just starting out as an orchestral scoring guy and really can\'t put $3000 on the table for VSL just in one go...
    However, I would LOVE to buy it if it would be possible to pay in installments.

    So I was thinking wouldn\'t be fantastic if VSL and QL offered something like a subscription to the use of their sounds? I can think of two options:

    1. You pay a monthly subscription to use your licensed sounds. You stop paying, you lose the license (I see the copy protection problems with this) and have to return the sounds.

    2. You pay in installments. After every paid installment you receive another part of the library. That\'ll keep you interested in more, but also makes it way more affordable for the people without the BIG buck budgets!

    I\'m not talking about $400 libraries here, more about Garritan, VSL and QLSO. So, what do you think?

    cheers [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    If you can\'t afford the \"big name\" libraries like VSL and EWQLSO, that\'s why libraries like Prosonus and AO are around.

    It may suck, but it\'s the truth.

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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    i think they should give us all librarys for free.. why not pay us for using their sounds? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    That\'s right, and let\'s not forget that it\'s very much possible to create stunning music using those libraries. I think quite often people on this forum really get overly neurotic and nit-picky about the \"realism\" of sample-based orchestral music. The bottom line is not whether this instrument or that section sounds a tad \"synthy\", but whether or not the music is serving it\'s purpose--in the case of media composers, that would be satisfying the audience and producers, and supporting the visuals in an artful way.

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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    Hi Lance,

    It\'s not about not being able to afford the big name libraries; it\'s about making them more affordable! I\'m sure there are many of us around that would immediately buy if they could pay the big name libraries in installments and also receive in installments (at least I would). Also, I believe this benefits the developers as they also get a bigger target market.



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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    For some, and option is always a credit card. Of course you are going into debt but you get the samples!

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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..


    This is what credit cards are for [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    look, if you have to buy a drum kit....do you ask to subscribe to the kit?

    If you cant afford a top of the line DW, you buy a cheapie Pearl

    If you want a PRS with dragon Inlays, but only have $100 bucks..... you buy a squire strat

    seriously, Phattlipz is right. you can make great music with the \"cheaper\" libraries.

    In fact

    AO, and Ultimate Strings is a GREAT way to start and make some awesome music.

    then get SAM Horns and upcoming bones and you\'re freaking set to make some really outstanding stuff.

    obviously the percussion is lacking here, but thats why you get G-town free samples and SAM free Timpani. or if you have the cash left pick up LOP or QLSO perc, or VSL perc.

    Thats a whole freaking orchestra, that *CAN* sound good, not even with a whole lot of work. Just a basic reverb, and some EQ and some ART file sharing.

    I cant seem to understand why people cant get it through their heads that THERE ARE AFFORDABLE libraries out. They jsut focus on top of the line....go tell Kurtzweil to lower their keyboard prices....then realize you\'ll have to settle for a Roland XP-30....a REALLY REALLY good keyboard, but not top of the line.

    BTW I\'m not trying to get on your case [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    believe me, I know its a freaking pain, but thats what it is. Starting out. It sucks!!! I can assure you tho, if you can make great compositions, you can make these libraries sound good....and if you can make these libraries sound good, you\'ll do wonders with VSL/QLSO when you get money from gigs with making these sound good like people ahve been doing for years (well not SAM [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] , thats only lately)

    Dont get lost in the hype for the new stuff. As amazing as it is, not everyone needs it. And BELIEVE ME!!! if you can afford the libs, you prolly dont have the raw CPU/RAM horsepower to use them efficiently

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    Re: Making expensive libraries more affordable..

    Also, check out Garritan LITE, Sonic Strings LITE, Miroslav LITE (ok, skip that one), Dan Dean LITE - who actually offers you full credit to upgrade to the full versions. Everyone doesn\'t start driving a Rolls Royce and living in a mansion....

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