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Topic: I found a use for construction kits

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    I found a use for construction kits

    Some may find it cheating, but what if you need to provide some music that is contained within the scene. Like background music to simulate the characters being outside a club? Diagetic Sound I think the term is. What if you arent familiar with that type of music and you need to make it (only a few seconds). Well thats when I think construction kits are good.

    Who makes use of construction-kit type libraries here?
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.)


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    Re: I found a use for construction kits

    They\'re great. The only people you are going to find dissing that kind of tool are people who don\'t work. Every show has a variety of musical and atmospheric needs. Some cues are \"hero\" cues, others are (as you describe) functional. The sound of music outside a club, filtered from 250 hz up, slathered in traffic? Slam three ACID loops together, and call it finished--and put the time into the places where it shows.

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    Re: I found a use for construction kits

    I\'m with Bruce here. You can make great sounding (but not really original) music really quickly with ACID. MIDI often suffers from poor sound libraries, and usually needs tweaking and live playing if you don\'t want it to sound quantized and stiff. But many ACID libraries are real, live recordings using top equipment and solid engineering. Slam \'em together and the results often sound great. Perfect for atmospheric source music.

    \"It\'s not what you can do, it\'s what you can do in a limited amount of time.\"

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    Re: I found a use for construction kits

    I also use a few...I slash them up, and mess with them in funny ways, and make percussion kits and \"crossfade\" sweeps and swooshes.or cool drones.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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