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Topic: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

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    Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    I wanted to dedicate this one thread to my project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel. It is my biggest and most complex project to date. As I mentioned earlier in the listening room I am composing this symphony in the memories of the girl I loved.

    The reason why I am creating this thread is to get all of your feedback, tips, and advice as I gradually progress through this project. I am quite a rookie composer to a lot of you in this community, and your help so far has been greatly appreciated, and I have learned a lot so far.

    Rather then scattering everything into multiple threads, I think it will be a good idea to keep this project in one thread and I will release each movement as I complete them in the listening room.

    The goals for this project is to create five movements:

    1: Save Tara (Save the memories of Tara)
    2: Love (Expresses on all of the moments we shared together)
    3: Sorrow (Expresses on the sorrow of her parting)
    4: Tragedy (Expresses on my last moments with Tara)
    5: The Girl With Wings (Expresses on the memories and how she is remembered as an Angel.)

    Listen to Complete Updated Demo at Tara's Website:

    I want to keep the instruments mainly with Garritan Products, but there will be a couple exceptions.

    The Ensemble:
    Garritan Instant Orchestra
    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    Vienna Soprano Choir
    EWQLSO Silver (Magical metal thing, not sure what it's called)

    M = Movement, P = Passage

    Latest Demo:
    March 16 - M:1 P:3 Complete (Boston Concert Hall)

    Previous demos:
    March 14 - M:1 P:3 Demo (Boston Concert Hall)

    March 10 - M:1 P:1 & 2 (Large Symphonic Concert Hall)

    March 9 - M:1 P:1 & 2 (Cathedral)

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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Hi, Richard - I think I understand. This thread will be for the period when you're working on each segment, and then you'll post the more final results in The Listening Room. Do I understand correctly?

    So far, all of the new Tara recordings are sounding rich and full, that's for sure. This Boston Concert Hall on this new recording works well, is a good, large hall appropriate for the sound you want. As was commented on your current Tara thread in the LR, the difference between these various large IRs you've been trying is really pretty subtle. Just make a choice, and then of course use that same hall for all of your piece's parts.

    And since I understand you to mean you want feedback on this segment you've posted, I have one note. The opening as you have it sounds fine, but I'm wondering if you didn't intend for the strings to be smoother, more legato? The velocities sound like they're pretty high, so we're hearing a distinct bowing, digging into the strings with the bows that's usually more commonly used for more aggressive passages. Maybe it's just the way you want it, but if the idea of something smoother appeals to you for the opening, you could experiment by lowering the velocities for the opening strings, and if you do that, don't be afraid to lower them Way down there like to a level of One!

    If you go for that legato idea, don't forget to also use CC64. That's done with a CC64 On event (highest level, 127) directly after the first note of a legato passage, and then closed off with a CC64 Off event (zero) following the last note of a passage - and don't get that one too close to the note's end or it will chop off the sound.


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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Lovely, lovely stuff, Richard.

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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Thanks for the kind words and for listening to the demo.

    That is correct! I have finally decided that I am going to stick with the Boston Concert Hall reverb, my ears seem to like it the best out of the three. I grabbed it off of a site giving free impulses and this was included
    http://www.samplicity.com/bricasti-m7-impulse-responses/. It's worth a peak . For the opening I have all the strings overlapped slightly and velocity turned down to low and auto-leg on. I tried the CC64 and turned it to the same 127, but there was no difference in the legato. I am using the lush strings (cello, violin, and viola). Thanks for listening to the demo. Just to confirm you were talking about the violins?



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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    This is absolutely wonderful that you are honoring your past love in such a great way. I myself have composed many of a piece in honor of love ones who have been a pure blessing in my life and now have passed on, but now in the most sensitive way possible I feel I must say something about the name of the work itself. I feel as though a thousand composers are speaking in my head to say something, but I also pray that I do not anger you or anyone else on this forum about what I’m going to say. I humbly and personally feel that the only way you can call this work a true symphony is that you physically compose it for a real symphony orchestra. That means a score written for a full orchestra showing the parts in which the musicians are to play. Right now I feel as though you do not have a live symphony in mind, but a work for electronic music which is completely fine if that’s your goal. What you have written is quite beautiful and even touching, but to write a symphony one must know the persona of each and every instrument in the orchestra unless they plan on hiring an arranger or transcriber once the audio is finished.

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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Thanks Rodney, no worries. This is where I am very limited on music knowledge when it comes to the technical meaning of things. Before I came here I called compositions songs . Thanks for explaining. However, The format I am following is similar to YS Symphony 95 which also has five movements. It is an orchestrated version to a lot of the game tracks which was only written for electronic music and I just found out the other day that apparently YS Symphony 95 was created using synths. Sure fooled my ear, for I thought it was live myself. So rather than having movements and memories of game tracks like this, I am having five movements for the memories of her and to orchestrate our story.



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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Here is the latest and complete version of Movement 1 and Passage 3. The demo before this was a just a short clip, this is over 4 minutes.

    Changes excluding added composition length:
    - I changed the introduction to the passage with longer notes for the violins.
    - Vienna Soprano Choir has been added to the libraries being used (at least 90% is still Garritan which is my target)
    - Boston Concert Hall is the IR that will be used

    To avoid flooding the forum I will update this once a week going forward.

    How does this sound technically? Anything that sounds off or should be changed? Again, any constructive feedback if necessary is encouraged. I want to get this done the right way and as professional as possible.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Sterling piece of work, Richard. I'm particularly impressed by the resulting sound and depth of it. The strings and brass are sounding majestic and full, the choir too is very well used. A great composition.

    A small issue from about 2:10 onwards for about 30 or so seconds, the lower string lines sound a but muddled or undefined. A little like an ostinato in the celli perhaps with certain notes are not sounding out. Or maybe it's that it kept sounding a stab on the off beat every bar that it distracted my attention.

    Try using some EQ to clear out the bottom end of the reverb.
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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Thanks Plowking! I went to check back on the part and it turns out that there was indeed a mistake. I accidentally placed the midi on the wrong instrument track. When I changed the key I moved it to the orchestral percussion track. It was suppose to be with the sharp marcato strings like the key before. Not sure if that was the same problem or not.

    Here is the same part in the passage with the midi on the correct instrument:

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Re: Project: Save Tara - Symphony For an Angel

    Gosh, I love that intro.

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