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Topic: Issue with Aria Player mod wheel & Garageband

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    Issue with Aria Player mod wheel & Garageband

    Hello all. I tried searching for this particular issue in the forums and could not find a solution. I recently bought the Garritan World Instrument Pack and installed into 2 separate computers. I use garageband for my compositions. On both computers, no matter what I do the mod wheel in the Aria Player resets to maximum after I play or record. For some reason this doesn't bother me on wood instruments or percussion - but with string instruments it gives them a very obnoxious and unrealistic twang sound. Does anyone know why this might be happening? let me know, thank you!

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    Re: Issue with Aria Player mod wheel & Garageband

    Hello, Tennyson - I'm glad you found the Forum. I've always loved your poetry. 8-)

    What you're describing is the exact opposite of what happens in Sonar which I use. In Sonar, there's a project setting on by default which is to "zero controllers" when the transport stops. For using Garritan Libraries, that option has to be turned off, otherwise, the Mod Wheel data, CC1, gets turned to zero every time you stop, and the result is no sound.

    So, even though I can't imagine why Garage Band would have any setting which sets controllers to full tilt when you stop, you should look around.

    There are a couple of Garage Band users here, maybe they'll notice your thread and offer any help they know of in that direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tennyson View Post
    ...For some reason this doesn't bother me on wood instruments or percussion - but with string instruments it gives them a very obnoxious and unrealistic twang sound...
    Well, it Should bother you with the woodwinds too, because those are very expressive instruments when they're being actually played with continuous, and I literally mean continuous Mod Wheel/CC1 data. Percussion instruments don't have their volume controlled by Mod Wheel - so your problem actually isn't effecting them at all. But no instrument that responds to Mod Wheel is going to sound the way it should at full volume all the time. Garritan instruments aren't meant to be screaming non-stop!

    What I said about playing the volume continuously, even though you do have some kind of technical glitch happening, - it would take care of your problem to a large extent if you had Mod Wheel data all the way through each MIDI track connected to an instrument that responds to it - Strings, Woods, Brass. With the data continuous, and not just with a few inserts of data here and there, even though Garage Band will go to full when you stop, it will have to pick up the data you have in the track very soon after playing, and your volumes would be back to where they should be. See what I mean?

    The other possible factor here is your keyboard itself. If you're using a spring loaded Mod Wheel/Stick, then when you let go, it goes back to zero - so that can't be your situation. But maybe there's something wrong with your Mod Wheel?

    Garbage Band users (I'm not one)- hope you see this thread. There may be something about the program that Tennyson could be helped out with.


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    Re: Issue with Aria Player mod wheel & Garageband

    Thanks Randy!

    Well I have just gotten into virtual instruments. I started with Miroslav Philharmonik and didn't even use a keyboard - I just penciled in notes. Then I got Garritan World Instruments and started having the stated problem with the Aria player, and thought it would be fixed when I eventually did hook up a midi keyboard. So it definitely is not an issue with the keyboard I use. I hope someone has some insight into this - in the meantime I will try to delve into the settings of GB for what you mentioned - thanks!

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