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Topic: SOS-2

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    May i announce my new organ library here?

    Nearly 9 gigabyte pure gig.files contain a real discovery:
    The great organ by Pierre Schyven /Salomon van Bever (1874/1912)
    from the Royal Church of Notre-Dame de Laeken in Brussels.

    Being the second greatest instrument of its builder it stands in the tradition of the symphonic organ in Belgium. Cavaillé-Coll held Schyven in high regard and even today one can hear why.

    I decided to give one 159 MB instrument, the Fonds 8\' from the Grand-Orgue for free
    + the free complete Reference Manual
    + some little improvisations with the sounds
    + some GSP-files

    to YOU!

    Please have a look to
    for the news

    or if you want to get into contact with my library on my website on

    Many thanks for your attention!
    Kind regards
    Peter Ewers (PE)

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    Re: SOS-2

    This sounds like a truly tremendous sampled instrument. I hope you also consider releasing it for Kontakt. I was playing around with organ sounds recently and noticed that they became a fair bit more natural sounding when closing a lowpass filter during the note releases. This allowed the sound to dampen naturally without either a hard stop or a bright swishy fade out. I think this effect( high frequency damping on release) happens in other instruments, but may be especially important in the pipe organ. It was pretty easy to set this up in Kontakt. Listening to the examples on your site I noticed that the note releases sounded a bit fast and unnatural in some places( despite the added release samples).

    Another nice inclusion to this library would be an impulse response sample from the cathedral, if one doesn\'t wish to use the release samples.

    It is really terrific to see a full sampled organ of this quality. Great work!

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    Re: SOS-2

    My tea impressive Peter. All the church organists will be queuing up for this one! Thirty seconds per sample!!....that\'s a huge effort, I don\'t know how you chaps do it.

    I particularly liked the Crescendo and the Plein Jeu. Of course I don’t need it as I have bought GPO.

    No, only kidding! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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