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Topic: Not trying to hate...but...

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    Not trying to hate...but...

    ...Doesn't it seem odd that my JABB demo is the only JABB demo missing from the new site?
    Garam Heo, Contemporary Christian Artist
    Music produced by Christopher and Craig Reeves

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    Re: Not trying to hate...but...

    what demo is that?

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    Re: Not trying to hate...but...

    ---That's quite a subject line, Craig. My heart jumped - "OH no--what the...?" I said to myself when I came to the Forum this morning. Certainly got my attention.

    When I've looked at the new web pages, I wasn't sure if the demo lists were as long as before. The one thing I'd noticed for sure is that credit is no longer given. Robert Davis and I did the demos for World, for instance, and each piece was credited separately. Now neither one of us are mentioned - Same for Instant Orchestra that I worked on. It's disappointing not to have those searchable credits anymore, but I've had to shrug it off. It's possible that some of those demos I worked on are not in the new list - I figured the people in charge of the new pages did their own selections from what was available.

    "Trying not to HATE..."--- Very strong word. I hope the rest of the day brings you more peace, Craig!


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    Re: Not trying to hate...but...

    my demos are gone too, but it's OK with me, they served their purpose, and now it's a new day.

    I actually admire Make Music for their integrity, they realize that their software is mainly intended
    for notation purposes and that it DOES take a sequence editing and audio mixing program to get the very best sound out of a sample library,
    I think they felt it was misleading to have all those demos that they knew were NOT created with their Finale notation software.

    Time marches on!

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    Re: Not trying to hate...but...

    Well DPDAN,

    If MakeMusic is going to sell Sound Libraries, they should show them as they ought to be used--which is sometimes in a DAW system like DP or Sonar; no ones shows them off better than you They have expanded beyond just notation software (e.g. new Harps got released). So, I think they should bring back some of the demos that can be produced with their existing libraries. The ones from the old days (e.g. GOS) seems fair to take down because they cannot be made anymore unless you already have the library.

    Just my $0.02


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    Re: Not trying to hate...but...

    you are very kind Jim!

    a fair analysis


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