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Topic: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

    There are only a couple of demos out there, and only for the tenor at that. Hmmm....

    If someone from Bigga is listening, would you guys be willing to make downloadable GIG demos for each sax? Along the lines of taking a couple of slices from each of the saxes -- say a couple of representative patches each over some small key range, like 1/2 an octave would be fine. What do you think?

    KirkHunter has done that with his solo strings recently, and I think it\'s great that he would do a little extra to get potential customers interested.

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

    thanks, found the threads. i saw a press release that made me thinks this was a recent release.

    sure would like to hear a well produced demo. . .

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??


    I do have in the works and on the burner a demo for the Soprano Sax of this collection that needs to be completed. Once it gets its waxing, and finishing touches, it will be posted by John Thomas with his approval..

    Alan Russell

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    John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

    anyone checked this out yet? or know of any good demos?


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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

    It\'s an excellent library. I posted a few demos a while back. Email or PM me and I\'ll get some samples.

    To me, it\'s the most expressive, realistic sax library out there. I\'m told sax is probably the hardest instrument to sample, but this library raises the bar, IMO.

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library??

    Yes, I\'d like to see also some demo .GIGS
    (one octave or something like... but all
    articulations). Demos by this far haven\'t convinced me lot!
    Being more songwriter, soul and jazz guy,
    I\'m really looking for good saxes and generally horns, so this library interests me very much!

    Give me some demo .gigs, please!

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