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Topic: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

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    VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    Thomas_J and Maarten\'s fantastic demos have totally sold me on VSL and my debit card is burning a hole in my pocket. The catch is that like many other people, I can afford VSL or QLSO but not both in the short to medium term.

    Obviously I should resist temptation and wait to hear QLSO before ordering VSL but therein lies another catch. When the Pro Edition of VSL is released in Q2, the First Edition will be deleted. The Pro Edition costs substantially more of course. The point I\'m struggling to make here is that by the time QLSO is available to demo, might it be too late to buy the First Edition of VSL? There could be a significant difference in outlay here!!! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Hopefully I\'m worrying about nothing.

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    I really wonder how could QLSO compete with the Performance Tools everybody talks about. But I think I\'m gonna wait to hear QLSO, even if my mind is already made up towards VSL...

    QLSO demos are supposed to be here in March. And I think VSL Pro Edition won\'t be ready before early summer (when someone says Q2, it always means end of Q2/beginning of Q3)...


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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    Originally posted by Lewis:
    Two minds - one thought Ed. Wanna get married?

    Love - Chris
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">How about mid-July?


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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    Definately agree with Sharmy.

    I would love to only make an either/or decision, and in fact, I was leaning torwards QLSO. However, VSL does sound great, and I need stuff now, so now I can\'t even think about QLSO for a couple years.

    I\'m loading the First Edition of VSL onto my drives as we speak...I\'m thinking about taking a trip to Vegas while it loads. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    ED -

    Unfortunately, they price these things so that it doesn\'t really make sense to buy it in pieces. I\'m not head over heals for the VSL strings, and I wanted to buy just the Brass & Winds set, and the performance set. But, the savings were only a couple hundred or so....

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    I think I speak for a few of us here when i ask for some of the best Media Ventures style demos from VSL users - that way we can see if its actually possible to do that kind of music with it.


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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    How much would the final version of VSL cost around for the full set?

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    How much would the final version of VSL cost around for the full set?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">$5,490

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    Thanks for all your thoughts guys. From what MartinL says it seems I can afford to wait and listen to QLSO first and I should do really. OTOH if I were to be honest I was really looking for an excuse to buy VSL now as I was so blown away by Thomas and Maarten\'s demos! (BTW, if you\'re reading this Thomas, I LOVED the slight flavour of Vaughan Williams in your VSL piece, very English!!!)

    I would expect QLSO to be more Media Ventures too, except that the engineer is a such a famous traditional, classical type dude so perhaps you\'d expect something more purist than Hollywood.

    I would imagine it would be easier to Zimmerfy VSL by adding SAM Horns for example than it would be to make Media Ventures type samples sound like John Williams. I\'d like to be able to do both if possible. I think we\'re maybe pre-judging QLSO though. Hopefully Doug or Nick would have something to say about this.

    Another thing is blending older libraries with the new mega libraries. It sounds as if QLSO is sampled with the instruments \"in place\" and I imagine you\'d probably want to use the ambience versions of the sounds. In this case it\'s maybe going to be harder to blend in drier libraries like DDSW or whatever. However great QLSO sounds, I\'m sure some of us will want to add in elements from other libraries at some point... a piano for example! Having heard the VSL Demo Cube, I\'m sure it\'s going to be easier to mix in other libraries that use a similar recording principle or similar amounts of room like DDSW or GOS and then add a unifying reverb to the whole thing. Perhaps this won\'t be as easy with QLSO which by the sound of things will mix itself including the ambience by nature of the way it has been recorded.

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    If I understand the process correctly, the Pro edition will \"replace\" the 1st edition. Not be something entirely different. New patches and samples, and old samples from the first edition.

    So no reason to keep the first edition around. Its your \"pass\" to get into the VIP program.

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    Re: VSL/QLSO buying confusion!

    Yes, I\'ve been thinking the same thing about what to buy and when. What I don\'t understand is why they would stop selling the 1st edition in the first place. The best plan would be to keep selling it, and also sell the \"pro\" edition with more sounds. Why limit your market?

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