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Topic: The way developers do business

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    The way developers do business

    I\'m sure I\'m not the only person bothered by this but does anyone seem to notice something distasteful about EW\'s announcement? The way I see it is when a developer announces a product they usually just put it out there and the library speaks for itself. This is the way Kip, Michiel, Dan Dean, Sonic Implants, and every other developer does it. Not so with EW. Is it just me or did they announce a product by referencing and seeming to undermine another product?

    In one thread they seem to take pots shots at the GPO programmer. On another thread in another sub-forum Doug misquotes a GPO Time+Space ad(although the EW bullet points seem remarkable similar to GPO). On one post they give the impression they\'ve been working on this library for couple of years (before Garritan), yet recently Nick posted they wouldn\'t be releasing a 16-bit version. The announcement seems more like an orchestrated ambush rather than an orchestral library announcement.

    In contrast, this is what Garritan posted back in September: http://www.northernsounds.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=005838

    Originally posted by Garritan:

    \"It is not our intention to take away from the high-end libraries like Miroslav, EWQLSO or VSL. Those are great libraries and Garritan Personal Orchestra in no way competes with them. What we have done is something totally different. It is my hope that Personal Orchestra will bring people into the digital orchestration fold - hobbyists, novices, the curious, pop artists, students, starving artists, etc. People who were once excluded who don\'t have the budget for more expensive libraries will literally be players. As more musicians get a taste of MIDI orchestration, they will naturally gravitate towards GOS, EWQLSO, Vienna or other high-end libraries.\"
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Quite a contrast to the way East/West handled their announcement.

    A free market and competition is good. Garritan brought the prices down with GPO and it\'s seems natural the market would follow. The obvious questions is why doesn\'t Doug and Nick just announce their products without trying to lessen another? Weird way of doing business.

    Granted this is an open forum, but is anyone at all concerned about fair play, integrity and professionalism on the part of developers?

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    Re: The way developers do business

    Originally posted by shushki:

    Granted this is an open forum, but is anyone at all concerned about fair play, integrity and professionalism on the part of developers?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think it should be the #1 priority.

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    Re: The way developers do business

    Originally posted by pinkcanary:

    I think it should be the #1 priority.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Agreed, and that is why Garritan is getting my money...


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    Re: The way developers do business


    I agree with chocothrax. I\'ll buy the best sounds that I can for my budget. I will not buy an inferior sound set over a superior one just because the prior one has a nice owner. (**** note: I\'m not implying anything about sound quality of EWQL vs GPO).

    I do also think that the release of EWQL Silver & Gold editions in 16-bit format do seem suspicious in their timing. While it may have been intended at an earlier time (according to EW), I think that the timing of GPO pushed up the time line for sure.

    The other thing not mentioned here is that some of those potshots that were taken at GPO were in defense of potshots directed at the EWQL also. I would prefer that developers stuck to their library and made points about it, I could see how they could be drawn into this a little when they feel they need to defend themselves. I\'ll re-read that part of the thread again to be sure but that\'s how I remember it.


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    Re: The way developers do business

    Originally posted by shushki:
    Granted this is an open forum, but is anyone at all concerned about fair play, integrity and professionalism on the part of developers?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The first rule of business perception: How you do one thing is how you do everything.

    I\'ve never seen Gary Garritan write anything that would hurt another\'s business. To my knowledge he\'s never promised a date and *not* delivered. His libraries certainly *do* speak for themselves, and I\'m proud to be a current and future owner of his libraries. Both his creative and business vision have been good for this industry and has helped me personally as a composer.

    None of this rancorous discussion would have evolved were it not for the tone set by the reactive shill-fest from East West. Those guys rate a \"0\" in my book, and any interest I had in their libraries dissappeared the day they made their announcement and proceeded to spread some pretty bald disinformation. Even misattributing many of Garritan\'s innovations to everyone *except* Gary came across as crass, dumb and insulting.

    I\'d imagine that Gary found it a bit odd too - but I guess that\'s to be expected when you\'re at the pinnacle of your business - an easy target. From the looks of things, Garritan has had his eye on the ball for some time, and I\'m glad he\'s not getting distracted by the BS here.

    I\'m looking forward to hearing more demos from Garritan\'s Personal Orchestra, and continue to put the heat on other companies to step up to his level, instead of simply trying to tear Gary down.

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    Re: The way developers do business

    Yes, I\'ve noticed a bit of what you\'re talking about.

    One can well imagine that Garritan has mightily p1ssed off some of the other developers, by destroying in one fell swoop the whole business model upon which their investments depend.

    But that\'s the nature of competition. It would have been nice if they had handled it in a more dignified fashion.

    As for who to buy from - the question of the developers being \"nice people\" DOES have an impact, in the sense that you want to do business with someone that will have an attitude to upgrades etc that is at least reasonable, and hopefully generous. I haven\'t bought GOS, partly because I\'m dithering between Giga and Kontakt and waiting to see if (when) a Kontakt version appears. But since I\'ve been looking at it, I\'ve noticed its customers get a TON of stuff for free on top of their initial investment. And nothing but good words here about things like timing, efficiency and customer service when dealing with Garritan\'s company.

    These things count - they increase the value of your investment and make day-to-day activities easier and less hassle. That\'s part of the reason I\'ll be buying GPO, and certainly GOS in one form or another.

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    Re: The way developers do business

    I agree with the first post. The more I learn about \"Nick\" the less I want to give my money to him, but man, he does make some INCREDIBLE products, so I\'m sure this Holiday season he\'ll be getting a bonus from me. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    So why doesn\'t he just go to another forum and post his cerebral thoughts and political views there, instead of posting his rubbish to the same demographic he\'s trying to sell his products to?

    Again, he seems to be a sample GENIUS but he needs to seperate Nick the producer from Nick the \"bad p&r guy\". [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    p.s. Spend some time and research his public posts on this forum. Some are quite shocking if you ask me.

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    Re: The way developers do business

    Jezz, i dont think u guys have read Nicks \"Apology\" post. For what its worth, to me, A product is a product. I`m sure Gary G. and Scarbee are increadibly nice guys and I`d love to hang with them some time. But there not my best friends. Its a great thing they make great sample libs. as well but the only way I`m investing in somthing is by the quality alone. I couldn`t care less what Nick or Kirk Hunter`s(hypothetical) beliefs or attitudes are. Some people are openly more or less honest that others, and as a concequence ,can get lambasted for that. And some people play it safe,and stick to business. I`m sure alot of sample dev. on this forum are super nice once you`d get to know them in person. On the net is not the best way. Rich

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    Re: The way developers do business

    Why does it threaten so many people that GPO has some competition? Put yourself in EWQLSO and VSLO\'s shoes. You\'ve just invested a ton of dough into a product. The competition comes along and releases a less expensive product. Who wouldn\'t repackage their existing product to compete? Do you all think only one company is entitled to this business model? Software companies do this all the time. As far as a knee jerk reaction, so what? Aren\'t you happy that there are now 3 incredible libraries out there for under $1000. A ton of people here have complained that these libraries are out of the reach of the average consumer. Now they\'re not. Also as far as dealing with a company that gives out free upgrades: It may be easy to delve out freebies when your customer base is small but when you sell a large amount of product it gets very difficult to send out the free stuff. This is an exceptional time for us sample library consumers. Figure out which product (and company) you want to invest in and start writing some great music!

    All the best,


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    Re: The way developers do business

    Originally posted by Rich Pell:
    I`m sure Gary G. and Scarbee are increadibly nice guys and I`d love to hang with them some time.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That could be nice [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Anyway - sure the product means everything but as a private person I tend to support nice guys when I go shopping. But I go for quality first.


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