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Topic: Newbie Needs Help! Acid Giga VSti, etc... Where to start???

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    Newbie Needs Help! Acid Giga VSti, etc... Where to start???


    My head hurts and I *seriously* need a kind soul to guide me through the maze of SW Music Tool choices. Below is background on what I\'m trying to acomplish... All help is greatly appreciated :-)

    First my background: I\'m a 20+ year acoustic guitar / lead vocal kind of guy... recently I\'ve volunteered to lead a church worship band (Rock/Pop/Acoustic style). My band is made of of two adults and three kids... So, what does this have to do with SW for Music Creation you ask?

    Learning new songs is a bear for the kids when we only have 1-2 hours a week to practice. So, I\'m looking for tools that will allow me to:

    1. Arrange/compose a \"score\" (a simple rock / worship song). From this \"score\" I want to provide the kids two key things -
    a. A Quality CD they can can practice with at home with *their* part mixed to be more prominent and easy to follow.

    b. A quality Lead Sheet with Guitar / Bass or Drum tabs written out to follow.

    Here\'s what I\'ve done so far. I picked up Band IN A Box because of the ease with which I can quickly \"arrange\" a song using simple chords. It also produces fairly decent Lead Sheets. Problem is it\'s a Midi based product, and the sounds stink! So now I\'ve been looking at Soft Synth\'s, External Sound Modules, Looping Programs etc. And my head hurts!

    What I would ideally like to be able to do is:
    Produce a decent arrangement in Band in a Box (or a product like Jammer Pro) and then export the MIDI to a product that will allow me to create a very high quality score for CD that has realistic sounding instruments (unless ofcourse you think there\'s an easier way for me to get to my end goal!)

    I\'ve toyed with several ideas:

    1. Somehow install a SoftSynth with VSTi sounds to work realtime as the virtual MIDI Sound Module (very complicated). By doing so, I can have Band In Box (or Jammer Pro) create a real-time WAV file I can record.

    2. Or I can export the \"draft\" Midi arrangement from BIAB or Jammer Pro and \"tweak\" for sound with another tool - Acid Pro, GigaStudio ???? This is where I\'m absolutly CLUELESS!

    I have many questions about both approaches... For example, when AcidPro says it can work with MIDI Files, what does that actually mean? Does it mean that it can actually play a MIDI Score using loop based samples? I don\'t even know what questions to ask. Also, do I then need another product like Cool Edit or Sound Forge to actually record the WAV File?

    Sorry if these are all realy dumb questions, but I\'ve scoured the net and user groups and everyone seems to have already acquired the knowledge to the basic questions I\'m after...

    All help / sogo\'s on sorting this out and making sense of it all is appreciated!


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    Re: Newbie Needs Help! Acid Giga VSti, etc... Where to start???

    This is probably the most obvious choice for what you\'re trying to do. Stick with Band In A Box and go purchase a decent hardware general midi sound module like a JV1010, XV2020, etc, and your problem is solved. Probably alot cheaper than the route you\'re considering.

    Search on \"General MIDI Sound Module\" from your favorite search engine.

    Good luck!

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