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Topic: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

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    What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    I\'ve read all the posts about the Silver edition and GPO and all the bickering and cheering from either camp. Whew....

    What would you get if you can only buy (1)? Silver or GPO?

    What would you get FIRST, if you can buy both but not at the same time.

    Would you buy both Silver and GPO and add it to your tools?

    I\'m facing the above questions and would like to hear opinions of the experts, and your reason WHY.

    As a background, this is just for a hobby... albeit an expensive hobby. I already have the Sam stuff, SOV, DIVA, Roland LCDX samples, Roland XV-5080, Triton, Akai S6000, Giga... I think I\'m ready to move beyond the LCDX samples.

    (PLEASE: This thread is not meant to bash either one of these products. Just give your personal idea for your decision. Thanks!)

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    Hmm I think about that: not bashing but still giving a personal opinion... hmmm... hmmmmmm even...

    Ok here is the result: Use your ears, they got a different sound!


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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    I am in the same boat as you, a hobbyist who has very little money to put into the hobby...

    I\'m getting GPO for a number of different reasons, but to be honest, the most important of them is because Garritan got to me first. I was looking to spend about $500 total and I needed voices and orchestral... feeling like I wouldn\'t be able to get half of what I wanted I was startin\' to get depressed... then came GPO and cheered me up real quick! Combined with DIVA I could get everything I was looking for.

    GPO demos sounded good enough for me (I still have dreams of owning VSL but I\'m life-times away from affording that). I placed my pre-order, talked to Mr. Garritan on the phone and through e-mail and I got really good vibes from him and his company.

    I think the EWQL stuff is interesting, but all of it (other than Silver) is out of my price range... had they gotten their announcment to me before Garritan did, I may be answering this differently, but I am very happy with the decision I\'ve made and look forward to using GPO at the end of the month.

    I think you\'ll be safe either way, just wait for the Silver demos and make up your mind on which sound you like better for your personal compositions...


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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    I wonder which libraries work together the best. I know there was a thread about using Atmosphere to enhance other libraries-what libraries combine to the benefit of both? Being an acoustic player-I tend to look at each library as instrument or color to mix with anything else I have. I have stayed with individual instruments-Sam Horns, ect-to add on to live instruments.

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    I\'m in the same dilemma... I originally thought I might go with GPO... but I could eventually upgrade with Silver... Gold would only cost $700 in a year or so.

    But then again! How do we know Garritan won\'t release a super great top of the line library in a few months? One that could compete with VSL and EWQLSO Platinum I mean. He still has his recordings of the orchestra before they were compressed and shrinked to fit on to four CDs doesn\'t he? So, GPO may count toward a top of the line library some day also...

    Some one tell me if that\'s sampler-newbie logic.

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    Today GPO. After the Silver demos are available, who knows?

    One consideration is to find the holes in your current samples, and judge those instruments most closely. For instance, I don\'t own a decent harp. GPO has two, and Gary has a great track record for this instrument. One point for GPO? Possibly. On the other hand, I own the Westgate Woodwind Collection, so I may ignore the GPO/Silver wind comparison. And so it goes.

    But I won\'t do the tally until the Silver demos are posted. After that, I\'ll be spending a lot of time with the monitors and headphones.

    But for the price, you can\'t go too wrong either way. It won\'t take a lifetime to save up another $250-$300.

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    Thanks for the replies. Keep \'em coming.

    So what I\'ve been hearing is \"Until the demos for the Silver edition comes out, the bet is with GPO... since we\'ve all heard the GPO demos already.\"

    >But for the price, you can\'t go too wrong either way. It won\'t take a lifetime to save up another $250-$300.

    I agree... one could buy both at the same month. But I\'m watching my dollars since I\'m paying a total of $2000+ a month to send 2 kids to private schools. My buying power has been reduced since the start of the school season.

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    Total speculation here. I have dealt with Gary too, and I am convinced GPO will be the best stand-alone small orchestral sample player. But I am waiting for more details on Silver and how it works with Gold.

    I\'m in a minimalist mode now. If I can compose a very large project in Silver on an \"average\" computer, but then render to disk in Gold with the big samples, then I don\'t care if Silver sounds as good as GPO. I want an \"off-line\" tool. But I am wondering if Silver will sound good enough for those interested in GPO. Hopefully there will be an actual Silver demo since the product is supposed to ship in less than 2 weeks. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    Whichever gives me better performance on my powerbook without external HD... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: What would you get? GPO or Silver?

    What sound are you looking for? What kind of music do you do? These are important questions to ask. Each library is pointed to a different audience.

    GPO uses the ensemble builder approach so you can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more instruments in each section. Silver you have either a soloist or ensembles with 3 woodwinds, 4 trumpet or trombones or 6 french horns. It\'s hard to layer to 2 identical patches of clarinets to get a 2 clarinet ensemble with the silver approach (unless they\'ve done something else to the programming).

    GPO has instruments many instruments not found in QLSO. Compare the instruments between the gold library (as the silver instruments are not listed yet) and the instruments for GPO.

    QLSO Silver will probably have more velocity layers but is not chromatically sampled. Again 2 different approaches.

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