The score I am currently working on demands in a slow mouvment "Trpf" (="Trillerpfeife") which obviously mean "whistle" and not at all "Tin whistle" since it demands twelve players (some of the Brass- and Doublebassplayers) with eachone his own whistles to cover all 12 notes of an octave :

Trpf in the score

It seems to me evident, that what is meant really is this for nearly all 12 notes of an octave:

Meanwhile the use of this whistles dont really indicate much melodic or harmonic relation to the rest of the score, but moreover seem to increased or decreased by the amount of active whistles and their certain tones.

I have no Idea where or I how I can imitate such Whistles convincingly and would be very thankful for every Idea!

I have already searched in VSL Percussion (Ext.) Independece 3 (Yellow Tools Culture), Kontakt 4 (Factory Library), Ethno World 5, Eastwest SO, Eastwest Goliath, Sampletank, Sonicsynth, UVI IRCAM Soloinstruments XSample Percussion (there is just a much to short noisy "trill pipe" for one key with three layers). I also know there are on or two whistles in the GM Soundset, but they are obviously also to short and with not enough variation.

I searched also some soundarchives. The best I have found seem to be this "Pfiff", which I obviously have to prepare a bit perhaps in Kontakt to get somthing useable

Is anything usable perhaps part of any VSL-Library or any other Sampleset or downloadable Sound which.

Any hint is welcome!