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Topic: Deal posted on MakeMusic

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    Deal posted on MakeMusic

    For those who don't have all the libraries and want more, I just got notice of this:


    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic

    That's right, Gary! And everyone, please note - there was confusion last time they had this sale: That's buy TWO and get a THIRD for free. It isn't buy two and one of them is free. It's a common way to do a sale here in The States, but apparently not as common in Europe. Just wanted to make sure people understood.

    It's a great deal!


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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic


    Got 'em all. ;-)


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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic

    great deal but low amount of money in my pockets... :-/

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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic

    Hmm, this tune keeps bopping around in my head: If I Were a Rich Man, da da la da la la da dah...
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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic

    Quote Originally Posted by SysExJohn View Post

    Got 'em all. ;-)

    Me too!

    NB This is not exactly a bad problem to have!

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    Re: Deal posted on MakeMusic

    question: can i resell the licences??

    i buy a 3x2 libraries, i pay 2 and the third is free.

    can buy the deal and then sell one (or two) libraries WITHOUT having them installed/registered them??

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