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Topic: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

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    Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    I would love to see a sampling library like this.

    Guitar picks scraped across the bare strings of a grand... chromatically sampled and assigned to the white keys of the keyboard (like Mr. Garritan\'s harp). Mallets run down the bare strings and any other purcussive thingies you can think of. It has a really creepy sound, I\'ve done it myself with my ex-girlfriend\'s upright.

    If anyone knows of a sample library like this, or any Sample Developers willing to do this, that would be really cool!


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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    EastWest has a great prepared piano library. Here\'s their description, which is pretty dead on.

    From Peter Siedlaczek, producer of the award winning sound libraries Advanced Orchestra, Orchestra, Orchestral Colors, Classical Choirs etc. Total Piano is 2 CD-ROMs of unique and conventional piano sounds. Using picks, mallets, screws or nails, pieces of rubber, motor-driven cog wheels or his bare hands, Siedlaczek has gotten sounds out of a Grand Piano that can be found nowhere else! Many playable effects, atmospheres and percussive sounds are included (e.g. thumb tack piano). You also get multisampled pop pianos, classical pianos and honky tonk pianos.

    Also, Michiel Post has a prepared piano as a part of one of his piano suites, but I\'m not in the studio right now so I can\'t tell you which one.

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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    Okay.. Thanks for the great info...

    I was able to find this:


    Is that what you were talking about? (I don\'t think it is...)


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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    VRSound also has a prepared piano:


    Hey, for $50 you can\'t go wrong, and Franz is a nice guy to boot...

    - Keith

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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    Disregard my last post, I found it:




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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    There are some great sounds on that Big Fish Prepared Piano disc. Patch list if interested:
    Eerie Scrapes
    Death Scrapes
    Log Drums
    Tuned Drums
    Pot Belly Drums
    Piano Kick Drums
    Piano Woodblocks
    Wood Thunks
    Toy Toms
    Sprung Spring
    Whipped Washtub
    Mutant Banjo
    Mechanical Harp
    Bass Bells
    Weird Gongs
    Warped Harmonics
    Piano Clusters with Mallet
    Piano Bass Boom
    Space-Age Bottle Necks
    Smell the Brakes
    Deep Space Sounds
    Whale Moans
    Piano Chimes
    Kartoon Kalimba
    Power Dulcimer
    Power Harp

    Also - Best of Bolder has some prepared piano in it - details,
    Prepared Piano - This is not a prepared piano in the John cage sense of the term. It is simply some fun I had with the Yamaha C7 from Bolder Pianos. I used glass rods, strips of rubber, screws and magic markers (to the best of my recollection). \"Muted Piano\" utilizes the rubber strips to mute the strings.... this is a good percussive sound with pitch. \"Hi & lopass velocity layer\" uses the highpass filter when played lightly, as you play harder you hear the lowpass filter come in for a more full-bodied sound. \"Glass Rod Piano shifted down\" simply maps the samples to a key an octave higher, yet the correct pitches are retained by re-setting the unity note. The effect is something that happens at a slower speed and sounds a bit \"deeper\". \"Glass layer\" uses the original pitch plus the layer which has the unity note re-set as a layered program. Most of the \"FX piano\" samples were made by throwing a magic marker into the piano while the sustain pedal was depressed. \"Use that Mod Wheel\" mixes the muted effect with the glass effect. \"Mod Wheel caution!\" mixes all three effects... you can make some glorious noise with this program!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">and finally there are piano FX gigs at G Town and Westgate Studios

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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    I second the Total Piano recommendation, it\'s a highly underrated lib. There\'s some nice prepared piano on one of the X-ample disks although there\'s not a lot of it. I heard a demo of a Prosonus prepared piano that sounded interesting.

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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    Here\'s a MP3 demo of the Xsample prepared piano that\'s on the percussion volume they have. There\'s a lot more variety than what I used, but it will give you an idea of some of the sounds.


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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    I heard a demo of a Prosonus prepared piano that sounded interesting.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">AFAIK, the Prosonus & Big Fish Audio disks are one and the same.

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    Re: Sample Request... Prepared Piano!

    Originally posted by Marsdy:
    I second the Total Piano recommendation, it\'s a highly underrated lib.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Same here. I have it and it\'s almost worth the price (if you get it during a Sounds Online 30% off sale) for the thumb tack and plucked pianos alone. I just wish someone would do a giga sized tack/plucked piano collection (Franky?)


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