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Topic: I love my samples!

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    I love my samples!

    Just wanted to share with everyone here that I really love my orchestral samples.

    I was working on something, a big orchestral piece, and as I was doing the final mix and listening to isolated orchestra sections I got this big smile on my face.

    Why? Because it sounds so close to listening to isloated tracks of real orchestra recording.

    Just 2 years ago this was so different. Most of the articulations you had could come down to short-long-piano-forte plus c11 riding. You had to dramaticly adjust your writing to what samples can do.

    I still need to do that, but less and less every day. (still can\'t get those fast string arps and runs right [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ).

    All this mumbo jumbo on the NS that is happening right now is just strange.

    Here are some of my toughts, open for discussion, on this mather.

    - One issue is inclusion of piano and VOTA snnipets in Silver and not included in Platinum.

    So let me get this straight. You are a composer, forked out 3 grand for QLSO, but you don\'t have a decent piano allready?

    - I don\'t see Z6 or the Moog Builder hiting VSL for their Opus1? Why? Maybe because VSL crew is smart enough not to hang around here?

    - Garritan is great and Nick is a bastard attitude....umm..what does that have to do with you writing music? Seriously?

    Gary is obviously a great guy, altough I don\'t know him, but still that will not make me use more then couple of patches from GOS,
    or change my attitude that updates were nothing more then a marketing thing, and that GOS could have been the best string lib. IF they made another recording session and updated all the issues that GOS has..

    As for Nick, I don\'t know him either...what I do know is that I can hear his work when I go to a local cinema, and that I can preview his libs in my local cinema.
    I also know that him and Doug are the only ones who are offering their product in 3 versions. And this is something never done before.

    My logic is, if I was starting up , I could invest 250$ , make some music earn 1000$, get a 1000$ lib, make some music, earn 3-5000$ and get the big library. But thats just me.
    How can someone with an completly average talent, doing music as hobby invest 3000$ or 5000$ in samples is tottaly beyond me.

    I don\'t have QLSO, and I don\'t plan to get it in near feature, simply because VSL route suits my way of working and composing better, and I don\'t have enough horsepower to use both.

    But I don\'t have the need to go and tell people on every bloody post that VSL rules.

    Doubt that anyone will read this...but still, had to let it out a bit..

    I love my samples, the better they get more I learn about orchestration.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: I love my samples!

    Originally posted by lex:
    My logic is, if I was starting up , I could invest 250$ , make some music earn 1000$, get a 1000$ lib, make some music, earn 3-5000$ and get the big library. But thats just me.
    How can someone with an completly average talent, doing music as hobby invest 3000$ or 5000$ in samples is tottaly beyond me.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Ah, if only it were that easy for people to invest $250 and come out with $5000 in the end [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Your logic makes sense, but I don\'t think it\'s realistic unless you\'ve already established yourself. I know dozens of composers who are still trying to get their first credit.

    And people will invest $3000 in samples straight up.. why? Because the quality is outstanding, and to compete in this market, you really need to have sonic realism. I\'ve already gone on this rant before, about the excellent composition on a [insert generic 80s sound bank here] vs. a fairly good composition done with VSL/EWQLSO/whatever monster library. Hate to say it, but I think the latter has more of a chance of getting bought, simply because of the level of realism we\'ve come to expect these days.

    Just my two cents.

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    Re: I love my samples!

    Hah! Someone did read it...hehehe

    Long time no see Sam... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I never said 250$ to 5000$....I said 250$ to 1K$.

    But I don\'t know maybe you\'re right, and it\'s just a case of my \"it can be done\" attitude.

    And none of the new samples sound like generic 80\'s sound banks.

    It\'s true that great sounds will add more to the value and price you can stick to your work.

    But how many really bad work have we heard using the expencive libs? This is where we don\'t agree, I still think that sounds you use will not help you unless you know what you are doing.

    Exept on this forum.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    But you know very well that issues like, orchestration
    ability to come up with thematic material
    being able to nail the right mood for project, working fast,
    do changes in no time...etc etc...

    Are so much more important then do you use this or that sample...and I\'m talking about new libraries, all this does not apply to generic 80\'s sound banks.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    All I\'m saying is that I peronaly belive that if you are talented and you want to work your *** off to become estabilshed composer having a choice of 2 250$ and 2 900$ orchestral libraries is a great thing which wasn\'t present before.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Re: I love my samples!

    Hey Alex [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve actually heard VSL misused.. so yes, you\'re right.. of course, skill comes into play. Not only do you have to know how to write, you also have to have the technical skills to write MIDI music and understand the nuances of using the samples & different articulations they have to build a convincing piece.

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    Re: I love my samples!

    Originally posted by lex:

    How can someone with an completly average talent, doing music as hobby invest 3000$ or 5000$ in samples is tottaly beyond me.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">So, why don\'t you tell us? You\'ve managed to sort everything else out.

    Oh, I get it. You\'re what? Above average? Brilliant? So you can\'t even conceive why someone with less talent than you would want to buy libraries. How many points would they need? Fifty? Would Fifty be enough? Or maybe a hundred? How many do you have? Thousands I\'ll bet. I\'ll bet you have millions of talent, billions even. Are libraries even expensive enough for you? Should developers release libraries at $100,000 for great, big, towering giants such as yourself?

    Why would I attack VSL? Oh, right, it\'s because they don\'t hang around here? Mmm. Otherwise me and the Moog builder would attack them? (Is \'Moog builder\' supposed to be an insult? A guy helps to build the Moog and you think calling him a \'Moog builder\' puts him in his place?)

    Look man, nobody gives a fiddler\'s fart what I think, and neither should they. You\'ve got no bloody idea what this is about, so best to leave it alone and enjoy your samples, no?

    Your post exudes such a feeling of warmth. You love your samples and nobody is going to stop you sharing the love?

    What\'s up? Haven\'t had enough fun? Need to prolong it all? What does this have to do with writing music? (Which, apparently is some big deal to you otherwise you wouldn\'t mention it?) And what does writing music have to do with anything outside of writing music?

    I\'m glad to hear you\'re learning about orchestration. Maybe some people here DO want to rave about VSL (is that okay with you?) and others want to tell us they\'re learning about orchestration, others want to trash people\'s skills and then apologize like it slipped out by mistake.

    Your logic is so compelling that I just ordered the gold silver bronze platinum and clay libraries. They all have wizoo interfaces that other companies don\'t have, and because I\'m so talented and such a genius (unlike those \'average\' talents you mention) like you, I can reprogram them and laugh at all the dumbos who just want to play music with them; buncha dildos.

    I\'m off to the cinema now to audition the libraries.

    Happy? Get a reaction, is that enough?

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    Re: I love my samples!


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    Re: I love my samples!

    Ok Z6...

    What the hell are you talking about?

    For what exactly are you trashing me? Be more specific if you want to argue I have troubles understanding you. What pissed you off so much?

    I remember when you were funny, and tought provocative on this forum..

    When I was talking about 250$ that includes GPO as well.

    And thanks for all the compliments, but I think you are overdoing it a bit.


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    Re: I love my samples!

    Don\'t take lex\'s post the wrong way. I don\'t think he was proclaiming himself a musical genius with tons of talent. The truth is, there ARE lots of \"average talent\" musicians who just do it as a hobby, and spend thousands on libraries, and lex finds it a bit mind-boggling. No big deal really.

    My perspective: sometimes people want to invest $$ in hobbies, because they\'re FUN and satisfying, even if you\'re average at it. I kinda suck at magic tricks, but I still spend $20-$60 every month on them. It\'s just fun.. a hobby. But I\'m not going to spend only $5 a month just because I suck [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I want the cool tricks that, once you master them, are truly mind-blowing.. not some $1 trick at a store like a fake thumb or something like that.

    So maybe these musicians are spending thousands and investing in this because, well..they might be average now, but with time & practice comes experience.. and down the road they\'ll be using their thousand dollar libraries to their fullest potential.

    PS: And let\'s not mention my passing photography hobby, on which I\'ve spent several hundred dollars on.

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    Re: I love my samples!


    I don\'t think I\'ve ever read a post here where your not very angry. If you think \"SOME OF US\" are idiots and that our opinions are crap then perhaps this is not the place you want to be. Not trying to pee you off, just an observation.

    I do wish you success with your music!



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    Re: I love my samples!

    I\'m completely lost. I read the posts then I find out you \'meant\' something completely different from the actual words posted.

    Both of you.

    You think talking \'about\' me doesn\'t merit any response?

    Here, look at this sentence (not for the English - for the meaning):

    \"I don\'t understand why hobbyists would pay $5,000...\"

    Now this one: \"I don\'t understand why people with average talent.....\"

    This is a sentence which tacitly proclaims the author as one who posseses talent, and condemns hobbyists en masse as having none. Maybe it\'s a kind of see-saw; I don\'t know?

    Or perhaps I\'m seeing things? If I\'m ever angry or rude I pride myself in at least KNOWING that I am being angry or rude.

    Or am I interfering with all these positive vibes?


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