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Topic: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

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    Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    “Fanfare for Performance Seminar” is a fanfare for brass using 12-tone technique. The tone row is first announced by the trumpets and then develops throughout the composition. Back in my days of college, performance seminar was a required class for all music majors every Friday at 1:00 pm to hear our peers perform. Thank you so much for listening and reading the score. The work used to be scored for trumpets, even Randy made a sweet demo for me, but now I scored the work for full brass. Since my daughter Aria is just a month old, and I want to keep up my composing and publishing goals, I am going to have to write only short fanfares or smaller works for now. I've always wanted to compose a series of fanfares and this might give me the reason to work on them.

    Sounds used: SAM Trumpet Ensemble, SAM Horn Ensemble, SAM Trombone Ensemble, SAM Bass Trombone Solo, SAM Tuba Solo, and GPO4 Tuba 2 Solo for added fullness.

    SAM Bass Trombone Solo, SAM Tuba Solo, and GPO4 Tuba 2 Solo where placed on the same midi channel acting as one instrument with the eq low moved to +8db.

    MP3 https://www.box.com/s/pvrpz17wxo4gwfet0dd9
    Score https://www.box.com/s/igfmb688k3jyy4cklxyy

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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    This project and score was rendered using Finale 2011.

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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    AH, that's right! - I was having 12 tone deja vu hearing this piece again. There was the earlier trumpet version, and on the old thread, we discussed trumpets, I showed you something with trumpets - now this fanfare re-emerges with a big brass family joining in. Sounds great with the larger ensemble. Cool!

    AND it's a great idea, Rodney, to do your series of fanfares now that your time is more constrained.

    AND, by the way, you are mentioned on my current "Overview" thread. I was being complemented on my brass in the piece when a listener said it reminded him of your "Fanfares" video. Hope you catch that "Space music video."

    AAAaand - thanks for the new version of this. Super.


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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    Hi Rodney,

    What a wonderful idea to 'welcome' your little baby with a series of fanfares. The 12 tones work really well in this example. Powerful and with a lush sound. Well done. Surprise us with the next ones.


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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    Thanks for listening Max. I've always like the words powerful and lush especially in the same sentence. I don't know if it's a welcome for my little one, but these short pieces will be all that I can do at this time.

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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    I knew you would remember this piece. I hope the 12-tone didn't hurt ya her ears too much!

    The next fanfare will be pretty modern featuring a cluster of chords that will hopefully make everyone say, "Yes!" when they finally resolve. This is all I have time for at the moment.

    Wow my fanfare video from over a year ago now. That was my very first post and now I am honored that they mentioned me in your post. I have listened and watched your video several times now, and even some others that popped up like your acting. I kept saying, "Stop looking at your husband woman or Randy is going to beat you!!!" LOL. I am going to comment on the space video on your page. It's wonderful!

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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    Well, now I know what all the Fan Fare's about regarding this piece. This is really well done. It doesn't sound like a 12-tone composition, just contemporary in its harmonic tone, which I like. I have to agree that it is rich and powerful and makes an impact. Can't wait for the others to show up here.

    And thanks for providing the score Rodney, so ofter we don't get scores, and I always learn a lot by following them along with the music. It's worth that extra effort!


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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    Great to meetcha Cass. BTW I don't know if I got to respond to your piano work for Randy, but it was awesome and I would love to hear it played live. In everything I write my goal for my works is to have them published so for my personal goals a score is a must. Thank you for taking notice. A finished score for me is sometimes even prettier than a rendering since when I read one of my scores I hear the live instruments in my head. I'm glad that you didn't hear a 12-tone piece because my goal was to compose a 12-tone work that would be accessible to a general audience. Thanks once again!

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    Re: Fanfare for Performance Seminar (Featuring SAM Brass)

    For twelve tone it sounded pretty tonal and strong.

    It's sort of a hybrid which comes together toward the end. it's good to think about what an audience will like to hear.

    Your have good sense of craftsmanship.


    Here's a link for some old and crazy children's recordings for the little one when they get a little older.


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