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Topic: Trilogy rocks.... thanks yet again EP!!!!

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    Trilogy rocks.... thanks yet again EP!!!!

    Installed Trilogy this morning and needless to say it rules!! Love the release triggers and staccato stuff. I was wondering how the filters were going to work for bass sounds but I was pleasantly surprised. Still like a band pass on all the Spectrasonics plugs though [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    So what\'s next EP? What happend to the Brazilian library in the Classic Drumming series? Also a plug-in version along the lines of Ethno Techno or Liquid Grooves would be nice!!

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    Re: Trilogy rocks.... thanks yet again EP!!!!

    Thanks Dave....nice to hear that it\'s working across the pond!

    It\'s also quite nice to now be able to work in secret on all our new stuff......heh..heh...

    you shall see........;-)


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