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Topic: Watch this..... weird brain activity

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    Watch this..... weird brain activity



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    Re: Watch this..... weird brain activity

    That is fascinating, Raymond!

    Applying this McGurk Effect to GPO - I wonder if this odd and apparently inescapable illusion helps the effect in that old GPO demonstration where the video of a live orchestra is synced up with a GPO rendering?--hmmmm, could be!

    And I wonder if understanding this better would help make the most effective choices in video editing? Interesting stuff!


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    Re: Watch this..... weird brain activity

    Yes, indeed fascinating. Is this the reason why when I am looking at scores, focussing on e.g. the clarinets, hear them more clearly than other instruments? I think so.


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    Re: Watch this..... weird brain activity

    Maybe so, Raymond. That same thing happens to me when I'm working on music and maybe I'm not hearing one of the instruments, and I'm wondering if I need to bring it up higher in the mix. Once I'm looking at a visual display of that instrument's notes, either in Staff View or Piano Roll View - I can hear it. Hmmm, that's probably a simpler mechanism than this McGurk Effect - simply coupling visual feedback with sound.

    Something more McGurk-like would be to have a video of someone playing an oboe - if the soundtrack would switch to the same notes on a clarinet, would I still be hearing more of the oboe's nasal timbre?--hmmm, that doesn't seem likely.

    But this effect is fascinating, I've shared it with friends. Considering the man in the video has studied the effect for 25 years, this video demonstration with "ba" and "fa" is only scratching the surface. Interesting!


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    Re: Watch this..... weird brain activity

    This is so interesting.

    I get the feeling like having the two hemispheres of my brain tied in a knot...., but this opens to infinite thoughts and considerations.

    Thanks for posting it.


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