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Topic: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

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    Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    I\'m about to get \"Drums from Hell\".
    Is there a heavy style bass out there that could go with this?
    something picked, 5 string?


    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    there\'s a post in the EastWest forum on \"Hardcore Bass\" I guass I got to wait for that one. I wonder if this is what I\'m looking for? Is there others?

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Can\'t you people see we need a heavy 5 string picked pre-processed electric bass guitar, chromatically sampled with slides, fx, etc!!

    Nick\'s Hardcore Bass \"might\" be interesting.

    Sonic Implants has a rather tame Heavy Picked bass that doesn\'t sound too bad when processed.

    Trilogy is supposed to have a decent Electric Picked Bass.

    I have been using Pure E-Bass from Yellow Tools. Not too bad a picked bass, but just not heavy enough for my rock needs.

    I STILL can\'t believe Scarbee didn\'t jump on this bandwagon a long time ago. How long have we been asking for a good rockin picked bass!!

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Trilogy has exactly this sound, with several different picked Basses that have \"True Upstroke\" mapping so that you can do killer repeated notes.....

    There\'s also a great Heavy Duty \"Jack Bruce\" type of R&R Bass guitar.

    Trilogy is available worldwide as of today!

    Demos of these sounds and many more will be up on our site next week.

    stay tuned....


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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Originally posted by ngstime:
    I\'m about to get \"Drums from Hell\".
    Is there a heavy style bass out there that could go with this?
    something picked, 5 string?


    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Aaron,

    Hardcore Bass includes many rock and hard rock sounds. There is nothing else like it. You get 2.2 Gigs, including many \"aggressive\" bass sounds in the style of \"Tool\'\".

    Plus, it is only $199 with a NI audio engine attached that is more powerful, and has more features, than any other VSTi on the market (and it streams from hard disk also - super fast).

    Hardcore Bass will be out in March and demos will be available next week when Nick get\'s back from skiing.

    Take care,

    Doug Rogers

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    YES! Let the killer bass wars begin!!! It\'s about time too! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"


    honestly the prices on these suckers is pretty nice, so just get them both at some point.

    I haven\'t heard Trilogy, but I seriously doubt it will suck, i haven\'t run accross a spectrasonics title/product that people consider \"bad\"

    I have heard HCBass tho, and what I heard was pretty damn good.

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Seems to be (from what I\'ve gathered so far) the main difference is that HC Bass is one type of focused Bass sound for a very good price. Trilogy is more expensive, but you get every type of Bass sound in one instrument (amazing Acoustic, every type of Electric category and every conceivable synth bass sound too) Trilogy has 860 Bass patches made from over 13,000 samples. We spent almost two years crafting this unique bass instrument.

    Guess it depends on what you need. Nick\'s demo of HC Bass across the isle from us at NAMM definitely sounded good (He always makes an excellent sounding product). Trilogy\'s Pick and Rock Basses are different from the HCB sound, but I\'d say they can be just as \"Hardcore\" and edgy. It\'s pretty nice in Trilogy to have killer Fretless, Fingered, Ballad, Muted, Slapped and Old School Electrics in the same instrument, besides the Rock sounds.

    The unique thing about Trilogy is that you can layer any of the different basses together, and really play with the combinations to get new sounds.

    You can get some outrageous Rock stuff happening with layering the Rock&Roll overdrive bass with Minimoogs and other synths....pretty crazy!

    I\'ll make sure to show this aspect in next week\'s demos.


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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Originally posted by spectrum:
    Seems to be (from what I\'ve gathered so far) the main difference is that HC Bass is one type of focused Bass sound for a very good price.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Eric,

    Since you have only overheard a very small portion of HARDCORE BASS \'from the next booth\' at NAMM, I think it is self-serving to give the impression HARDCORE BASS is somewhat \'limited\' , obviously with the aim of promoting your own product.

    With 2.2 GIGs of sounds, Hardcore Bass covers a lot of \'basses\' - and has many modern bass sounds that Trilogy (which I have heard) doesn\'t have - at half the cost.

    HARDCORE BASS doesn\'t have synth basses, but these are available on many libraries, so are traditional bass sounds (if you want these, Yellow Tools has \"MAJESTIC\", a 9 GIG collection with an awesome audio engine coming out next month for the same price as Trilogy).

    I usually try and stay out of discussions of this sort, out of respect for other developers work, and I ask you for the same respect in return, especially considering you know very little about Nick\'s upcoming product.


    Doug Rogers

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    Re: Bass for "Drums From Hell"

    Hi Doug,

    I\'m sorry that you interpreted my post as criticism or disrespect in some way. In fact, I have great respect for Nick\'s libraries, he always makes excellent products.

    I was merely pointing out that each of these Bass instruments has a different approach. I didn\'t say that HC Bass is \"limited\", but rather that it is \"focused\" on a certain genre of Electric Rock Bass sounds. This is accurate right?

    Trilogy\'s approach to Bass is different in that it is a larger product (more than just the gigabyte difference, which only tells part of the story) and more broad in scope, covering the full spectrum of Bass tones. Contrary to your post, you can\'t get any of Trilogy\'s sounds from any other source....it is a unique instrument, with brand new sounds created exclusively for it.

    Of course, every product will have unique sounds to it and that\'s what makes it great for the end user. HCB, YT, Scarbee and Bass Legends are all totally different sounding from Trilogy. HCB sounded good from what I heard, and I think Trilogy and HCB would work great together! I\'m looking forward to checking it out myself when it comes out.

    Of course, Trilogy was a big project for us and we are proud of it and excited to tell people about how cool it is, especially since it is shipping now just as of this week. I appreciate any factual clarifications that you or Nick makes on your product when a comparison is made between the two instruments. I\'m all for an accurate and fair comparison -(BTW, your pricing info was incorrect on Trilogy.)

    For all developers that post on NS, I think most readers of this forum are pretty aware of each of our biases to our own products. It\'s a pretty natural thing when you spend as much time to make products as we all do.

    EP from Spectrasonics

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