Yes, I know GPO will work on one computer, I plan to buy it since it is so affordable. I wish there were demos of EastWest silver though.

But I am also interested in the other 2 new larger orch in a box libraries, Opus 1 and EastWest Gold. But I want to stay on one computer-hopefully a DP Mac G5.

Now I am using GOS, SAM Brass, etc. on a lowly SP 733 G4, but I am able to produce fairly large projects because Halion allows me to turn the monitoring quality down to like 45%. This is enough for me to to compose/mix, then render to disk at full resolution with automation and effects. With a DP G5, I should be able to dial down the quality to, say, 60% (which still sounds very good for composing and mixing) and load an even larger project. So...

I have heard that Kontakt is more efficient than Halion. That makes me think I could go with Gold and load more instruments in a project than I can in Halion with my current samples. But does the Kompakt Instrument that comes with Gold allow you to lower the quality during composition, but render at full res like Halion? Supposedly I could compose in Silver and play back in Gold, but Silver does not have all of the articulations that Gold has. Until the Silver articulation list is posted, I won\'t know if this would be a major problem.

On the other hand, Opus 1 will import well into Halion, but even if Halion is less efficient than Kontakt, I can use the quality slider trick then render to disk.

Any thoughts on which options (besides GPO) would allow me to load the largest orchestra on one computer? (Be nice. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )