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Topic: PMI Bos290 Plugin: 16 Layers?

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    PMI Bos290 Plugin: 16 Layers?

    I bought this a few weeks ago; I\'m just now getting around to playing it. Great piano by the way. I remember reading that this piano had 16 velocity layers: the largest patch I can find says 8 layers. Does the 16 mean 8 velocity layers times 2 (pedal up & down), or am I just over looking hte 16 velocity layer patch somewhere? Also, I read that a pedal noise sample could be triggered with the midi pedal. How do I go about activating this?

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    Re: PMI Bos290 Plugin: 16 Layers?

    The 16 layer patches are a free download on the www.postpiano.com webiste:
    Update 1
    It will be available from the EW and NI websites soon (they are rather busy at the moment).

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