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Topic: Catch Me If You Can

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    Catch Me If You Can

    I saw \'Catch Me If You Can\' last night.
    John Williams\' score was a really cool 60\'s mod,swing kinda thing...

    Sample developers; Please, please, please, make some orchestral samples with a bit of cool. A couple of rips and falls in QL brass don\'t cut it. Even a few solo instruments with a little growl would help. Let\'s Have some of that old school hollywood Leslie-Speaker-like Vibrato.

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    Re: Catch Me If You Can

    I liked that score a lot too.....a real supriser from JW....

    ...who knew he could be cool?


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    Re: Catch Me If You Can

    Hey JP2,

    You can start getting cool by getting some of this:



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    Re: Catch Me If You Can


    Couldn\'t agree more!!! It\'s probably why we never hear Leonard Bernstein mock ups. I\'d also like to here some disco strings slides!! .....seriously!

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    Re: Catch Me If You Can

    Originally posted by spectrum:
    I liked that score a lot too.....a real supriser from JW....

    ...who knew he could be cool?

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You all know that John Williams originally got his start as a Jazz Piano Studio Musician, right? That is his primary instrument. I really saw \"Catch Me If You Can\" as a throw back to his musical roots. It would have been cool if he actually used his old \"Jazz Pianist\" name Johnny Williams in the credits for this film.

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    Re: Catch Me If You Can

    I have Hans Adamsons \"Cool Vibes\" and I love it. It\'s perfect for that jazz vibe. Great instrument, great samples and great recording. Top notch. Since most of my work involves 100% typical orchestral settings I don\'t reach for it as often as I\'d like but it\'s assuring to know that I have great sounding vibes, should a client ask for it.

    Catch Me If You Can was a cool score! Haven\'t seen the movie yet, though.


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    Re: Catch Me If You Can

    I just saw this movie too. It just came out in Taiwan. The music is very nice.

    I\'ve said this two or three times and I\'ll say it again. Johnny Williams is an expert and I only heard his brilliance when I heard the recording listed below. His jazz arrangement in the 60\'s are really portraits of expressive harmonic and timbric color that I just don\'t hear in his Hollywood stuff. He really grabbed my respect when I heard this.

    The CD is \"The Manne We Love: Gershwin Revisited\" featuring the Steve Houghton Quintet and the University of North Texas 2:00 Lab Band, Jim Riggs directing. It is a remake of the 1965 LP \"Manne--That\'s Gershwin!\" featuring the Shelly Manne Quintet and a studio big band led by arranger John Williams. Both albums employ the Williams\' charts. In addition to Houghton on drums in the quintet, there is Stefan Karlsson on piano, Clay Jenkins on trumpet, Dan Higgins on reeds and Lou Fischer on bass. All five of them are alums of NTU, and well known jazz and studio musicians in the business. Some of the proceeds from album sales go into a newly established Shelly Manne Scholarship Fund at NTU.

    The website is www.tncmusic.net and all of the jazz and classical recordings can be purchased online from that site. The CDs are $12.95 plus shipping, so they are reasonably priced, yet very high quality.

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