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Topic: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

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    when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    This uses GPO french horns. I added an overlay on each horn which seemed to add more realism to the sound. (at least to my ears anyway.) Please listen and comment.
    Thanks Jay.


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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Bravo, Jay - What an uplifting, and very nicely done duet. Not without surprises also, which ups the pleasure scale even more. Unexpected passages popped up now and then to show me I shouldn't take the piece for granted. Nice.

    AND this is a good reminder to me of why you commented that my "Overview" could have had more reverb for your tastes--hehe--these two horn players are in one big venue for sure!

    Overlays - definitely adds realism to the GPO horns, good you used them.

    I sure enjoyed this - very much!


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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    This is a lovely little piece. All that Randy said is right on. It lolls you into a melodic pattern than it wonders wonderfully off in a new direction. The overlays worked very well as far as I could hear in the piece. My only suggestion is a little more use of breath separation during the musical lines of each player. I heard a few breaks for the players to get a breath but, being a wind player, my lungs ached a few times hoping to hear that needed intake of air. Sing the lines yourself and where you normally need to take a breath is where you probably should give a little space for the player to imply that they are indeed getting that breath. That may help breathe a little more life into this piece (which, honestly doesn't need more to make it marvelous).

    Thanks for sharing.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)


    Coincidentally, I have been listening to this lately. It contains many, many works for French horn. In all honesty, Jay, I welcome your fine piece to my ear right along with the master’s!

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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)


    You've done something a little different and it turned out very nicely.

    I played F horn way back when so I like to hear music with the horn and especially solo horn.

    I think this sounds fine but the horn doing the counterpoint as I remember(if I can remember back that far) might have their work cut out for them staying in the low register for that long with possible lip fatigue.

    I would maybe try using a baritone for the counterpoint for a live rendition but here the horn works fine.

    Great work!


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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Hey Randy! I seem to be on a reverb kick lately. When I re listen to this, it sounds like these two guys are playing in the "hall of the mountain king" or something like that. I think I have the big room thing out of my system for now. I am pleased that you liked this. For me, when writing counterpoint in this style, I am always concerned about having something come out that sounds like a manufactured piece of music. I don't want it to sound like I just tore a page off of an earlier piece of mine and called it a new song. Anyway, I was surprised that the overlays worked the way they did. I plan to use them more in the future.

    Rich! Thanks for the listen. I know what you are saying in regards to the breathing on this. I did take some time to add short rests throughout, but because of the size of the room that I used, the reverb trail obscures them a little. Even with the rests and pauses that I put in this, I agree that it would still be difficult to play from a breathing perspective.

    Sean! I appreciate your nice words. Thanks for the listen and comment.

    Phil! That is a good point you make about the register of the lower instrument. I did not think of lip fatigue on this, and what makes it worse is that the lower horn has some register leaps also. I will be more aware of that the next time.

    I would like to thank you all for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Fine job, Mister Jay! Nice composition all around.

    Thanks for sharing your music with us.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Hey Larry! Thanks for the listen and comment. It is much appreciated.

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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Is there an instrument you never scored for?
    I am always amazed by how your musicianship can pour out in very different styles... if I wouldn't have read your nickname in your post I wouldn't tell this was yours. I know I said the same thing about Randy lately... but I also keep in very high consideration your eclecticism in music.
    Pleasant, solid piece. Very well done and thanks for sharing.


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    Re: when the sun sets (f horn duet)

    Fab! Thanks a lot for the kind words. There are a few styles that I am comfortable with but I am really challenged when I try to do something like Randy Bowser or ployking. I am working on a short, small orchestra piece and it just isn't working for me. I will just have to keep practicing on it. I appreciate your taking time to listen and comment on this.

    By the way! "Wumpy and the maggot" has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. I just thought it was a silly name for your nice music. Just some stupid humor on my part.
    Thanks. Jay

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