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Topic: Aria issue with JABB

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    Aria issue with JABB

    Hello guys...

    I got a somehow annoying issue after re-installing Aria and Jabb.
    I used to have jabb running in Aria 1.111, and worked just fine.
    Yesterday I had to re-install GPO and Jabb, and did it initially with the 1.02. Everything worked fine except that I needed to use some custom patches of mine and they would freeze playback in Aria (they are pretty large). I remembered that they worked fine in 1.111... but I decided to go all the way and updated to 1.620 with the 1.626 engine.
    Gpo and my said patches work fine..... but jabb doesn't. I get very weird attack noises on all winds.
    My guess is that the velocity curves have changed in the last version and this messes up the patches. I know that as I did, in the past, some custom tweaks on many patches and noticed that if one changes the velocity curves gets exactly these kinds of noises.

    Has anybody experienced a similar behavior? Any idea on how to fix this?



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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    I've passed this on to the developers, Fab. I haven't experienced anything like this, but I also haven't done any customizing of JABB's patches. You don't say if the unedited winds are working as you expect in JABB- I guess they are, and it's only your tweaked versions that behave differently now?

    If there's a response on this from the developers, I'll pass it on, if one doesn't respond to your thread.


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    Thanks for the reply, Randy.

    I'll clear this up for you (and for the developers).
    No, no monkey business on my side this time, we are talking about a fresh new installation so the patches that misbehave are exactly as they left Garritan's premises.
    We are talking about all winds in Jabb.... let's say all patches using cc1 for expression. Basses, pianos, guitar and so on are perfectly fine.
    The programs work as supposed on a single isolated note, but there is a funny attack noise on all notes played in sequences.

    Listen to these:

    This is Jabb's Piano on a scale.


    GPO Clarinet on the same scale


    and Jabb's BbClarinet1:


    The noise (in the last sound sample) is pretty noticeable.
    I repeat: if I play a single note everything works fine. Seems like a velocity curve issue.... but could also be something wrong with samples' offset. Haven't got a clue, should be experimenting a bit but wondered if anyone knows anything relevant before spending a potentially important amount of time.
    One further info: I had this problem also in the past, updating to Aria 1.504. I noticed exactly the same behavior and .... solved it switching back to 1.111 that works absolutely fine. I could do the same now, of course.... but it is a pity to lose the extra features of the updated player.
    Ah.. I do not have GWI installed right now, but I remember that it behaved normally in 1.504, as GPO. So this is a JABB issue only.
    That should be everything.

    Thanks again.


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    Thanks for the clarification, Fab. I wasn't positive, but in your first post, it sounded like you meant your modified patches were no longer working right. I'll update this info with the developers.

    Meanwhile, I'm not having these issues with JABB and the current ARIA. I have no idea what could be going wrong on your machine. Hopefully we'll get some input - I'll post any replies the developers have here on your thread.


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    yeah I know I am a bit on the naughty side... , but I was simply meaning that while doing some tweaking in the past, I had noticed that changing the velocity curves would produce side effects like the one I am experiencing now. But no, this time I am not doing anything funny.

    I have no explanation for this so I hope the tech team can help. In the meanwhile I rolled back to Aria 1.111 and, as expected, everything is working as smooth as it should be, so it is not really a problem on my side.

    Thanks again for your assistance, you are always so supportive.


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    I wanted to check this myself and Fab is correct. There is a funky slap tongue sound on the JaBB woodwinds that is not on the GPO woodwinds. I only checked a few instruments but noticed it on the clarinet and flute but nor so much on the saxes (actually my ears could not hear it on the saxes).

    I didn't try to change the default velocities so I don't know if that is the issue.

    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    Rich! You make me feel less alone....

    Are you on the last Aria/Aria Engine updates? Which version?


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    I am using the latest version (I think). It is ARIA engine v1.626 and ARIA Player v1.504. I am running the ARIA as a winX64.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    So it seems that something happened going from 1.111 to 1.504: the other time I noticed this bug I had updated 1.111 to 1.504, without touching the engine.
    Yes, Rich, you are right, the noise is very similar to a slap tongue. Whatever it is, was not there on 1.111. I did not check all the patches one by one... but every wind I tested has this.
    Still we' d have to understand why Randy's setup is ok.... but, Randy, you always seem to be running experimental stuff so, probably, your machine is not representative of what we simple users have and use.


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    Re: Aria issue with JABB

    Quote Originally Posted by sec2 View Post
    ... Randy, you always seem to be running experimental stuff so, probably, your machine is not representative of what we simple users have and use.

    Hmm, I suppose that could be it, but I didn't notice any JABB3 problems on any version of ARIA. I'm currently on Player v. 1.625 and Engine v.1.625. Those are publicly available when you install Plogue's Sforzando SFZ Player. That updates the Engine to the version that fixes the pitch bend bug that temporarily killed my Autoharp.

    I've tried out JABB3 flutes, clarinets, saxes -I'm not hearing any problem.

    Fab if you could post a straight octave it could be helpful for the developers to hear. That quick triplet run, whatever you're doing on the MP3, I can't hear anything on that - It would help to be able to focus on the starts of the notes more.


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