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Topic: I am Spartacus!

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    I am Spartacus!

    Throwing something a little different into the listening room mix this time...

    This is my Spartacus piece - in keeping with the style of the show that is coming to an end soon, just two episodes left (sad face :-( )

    Some background - this track was created when a friend who also watches the show asked me why I haven't done any music like the soundtrack from the show...my puzzled reply was 'never even crossed my mind'. A few hours later this was finished.

    Here is the rather big list of what was used:
    Epic Voices and Choirs
    Cinematic Strings 2
    True Strike
    Requiem Light
    Forest Kingdom
    Epic World

    YouTube Music:
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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Very nice! It is a good representative sound for the subject and the mix is great. I used to know Joe Loduca (the composer of the music for Spartucas) when I lived in Detroit. I am sure that he would be pleased with your effort. I am still listening to your "WITCH" piece which I enjoy a lot. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    You've found your future. This is a great piece supporting the idea. Well done. Now for the other pieces you made...


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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    This is the style of music I love listening to! I LOVE when it reaches 1:00 and the female soloist comes in. Haunting and sorrowful.

    Great work Plowking!



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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Yes, sir! There's yer "Game of Thrones," "Xena" updated, "300," over-the-top modern soundtrack kinda stuff, and it's sounding as big and spectacular as we could want, certainly as effective as the actual music used in the "Spartacus" TV soundtrack.

    I will say, - give me the original "Spartacus," with it's great Alex North score, it's a strong preference. But when it comes to emulating the current grander-than-Wagner style of soundtrack work, you got it pegged, Graham.

    Even though this is simpler and shorter, this is rather along the lines of your "Fellowship" and "Two Towers" work, isn't it? It's akin to it at least.

    Remarkable that your harnessed those big bad Libraries in just a few short hours to do this splasy, spectacular work, Graham. In reference to our recent thread about mixing in General Discussion, this is certainly a good advertisement for how a finished product can indeed be rendered without first bouncing to audio!

    AND, I think I can hear Richard "sururick" smacking his lips from here, he can taste how much he'd like to get his hands on those big, bad boy Libraries you used on this. Right up his alley!

    Juicy stuff, Graham.


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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    @ Jay - thanks Jay, and very interesting that you knew the composer - I had no idea either that he had done the original Evil Dead's 1, 2 and Army of Darkness soundtracks.

    The music of the show is very fitting and I enjoyed emulating that tone and mood - and certainly this was the first time I put power chord guitar riffs into a piece - a common addition in the tracks I've listened to from the show.

    @ Raymond - Hey, thanks and I believe that is you sneaking about on my youtube channel...thanks for visiting and jumping into some of the other work I have there!

    @ Richard (sururick) - cheers man, delighted this is a good representation of the style of music you so enjoy. When emulating a style of instrumentation I hadn't attempted before I'm never sure how it'll turn out or how much will end in the trash. Musically it's very simple, the production side was where the work was this time.

    @ Randy, thanks dude - yes I have a couple of libraries that rarely get a look in these days - as I was focusing on orchestral music most of the time, this was a passing comment from a friend that lit the spark. I bought the libraries for this style of music ages ago, and other pieces that might need an ethnic infusion. But soon enough I found myself still settled on my orchestra template.

    I think the reason is part of what I mentioned above about it being a bit more production over composition. I shouldn't let that stop me, because the production side is very important obviously, and this is as you mentioned, a direct from MIDI export.

    Again, this style of music takes a back seat as In a few weeks I will post a finished horror score I'm currently working on for a client right now - it's a mix of Bernard Herrman (Psycho) meets Danny Elfman with a touch of Wojciech Kilar (Dracula 1992).
    YouTube Music:
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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Yes, it was me, had a good time there. Really attractive pieces.


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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Wow! I am with Raymond on this one.
    You've found your future. This is a great piece supporting the idea.
    You really did a great job on the mix and the engineering end of this presentation. Were many of these sounds from IO? I know the voices were not. They are excellent. Are the voices sample loops? I am not familiar with that library.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Awesome! I've watched the show and this fits it perfectly. Driving, intense and emotional.
    Interesting to hear the heavy guitar riffs. But they fit. Like to see composers pushing the bounds like this and making it work.
    You should be writing for the movies!

    Thanks for posting,

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    Re: I am Spartacus!

    Hey Graham....

    Ok, I will not hide that this is definitely not my type of music. My ears have a hard time following it.... but I fully understand the target of your efforts here and the kind of energy and atmosphere you were after.
    But boy, you make those libraries punch right in one's face.
    Great production here, my hat is off.

    Hey, I noticed those couple of Tarilonte's libraries in there. Are they any good as they seem? I am kind of attracted by Desert winds and especially Era Medieval legends....


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