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Topic: Logic Pro 9 / Mountain Lion / GPO 4 issues

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    Logic Pro 9 / Mountain Lion / GPO 4 issues

    Hi all! I'm new here and am having a tough time getting Logic to "see" Aria

    • I use: MountainLion / Finale 2012 / Gpo 4 / JABB / Logic Pro 9
    • Every program is updated
    • Aria player shows up in "Manage AU" and is successfully validated but doesn't show up in libraries to be able to pick it (everything else does including old Steinberg Halion Virtual Orchestra)
    • Aria AU component is located in the correct library folder
    • I've tried reboots, reinstalling, and nothing works
    • I can use Aria no problem In Finale and Cubase just not in Logic

    I have been using Finale as a DAW lately since my Cubase is version 4 and only sparingly works in Mountain Lion. Thanks a bunch



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    Re: Logic Pro 9 / Mountain Lion / GPO 4 issues

    For each track, click on I/O in the Inspector panel, and you may see Aria at the top of the list. If not, select AU Instruments/Garritan/Aria. Good luck.

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