It’s amazing how things can get out of control with a little misinformation. First of all, Bruce has not been banned. Temporary restrictions have been placed on his account until we can speak with him about an issue that we at Northern Sounds Administration have with him. In fact, Bruce was informed by us via email that we would speak with him the next day before any of this occurred. Secondly, this site has never censored information posted. It amazes us how this term is flung at us so carelessly. Nothing has been erased. This brings me to my next point - as administrators of this forum we maintain the right to move posts whenever and wherever we see fit. It’s very insulting to us to have individuals try to dictate how we should run this forum. This whole conspiracy theory of how NS is ruled by developers is ridiculous. Ask any developer on this site what influence they wield over us and they will tell you none. This site is independently operated and run by Northern Sounds. It may appear simple on the surface but maintaining a site like this to be as free and open as it is not in fact such a simple task. Because of this forum’s popularity it is sometimes used by individuals to try and manipulate points of views for whatever reason. Sometimes things go too far such as in the last few days and we are trying to restore a balance to get things back on track. Just look at the topics of posts moved and it’s quite evident that they don’t belong in the sample libraries discussion area. In addition, even though we feel the tone of some of these posts have taken a turn for the worst, we would never remove them. However, we have placed them in the most appropriate section. We want to get away from individuals using the sample libraries discussion area as a platform to voice off topic issues. In fact, this very post is an off topic issue and will be moved soon. If individuals think that our actions are motivated by money then they are gravely mistaken. The fact is developers’ contributions help to maintain this site so that it can be a free resource for users. There is no board out there that does not have some sort of advertising to offset the cost of running it and that includes free BBS communities. Lets be honest, all developers are on this forum because it ultimately helps them sell their products. One of the strongest points of this forum is that users can interact with developers and express likes and dislikes of their products. This ultimately benefits all because better products are produced as a result of constructive criticism Contributions, whether monetary from developers or in the form of posts from popular users all help to make this site a better place. However, we refuse to be strong armed by anyone or group when it comes to the administration of this forum. To do so would compromise our integrity.

Take care all and let civility rule,