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Topic: Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!

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    Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!


    Been a few years since I have posted. Glad to see the site is still busy as it was back then. Looking forward to hearing more music.
    So, here are 4 Songs for Soprano, Violin, Cello and Piano. Mix of pop and classical.
    But, there is a problem...I don't have words for the songs yet! Anyone out there a lyricist and/or know a lyricist who might want to work with me on these?
    Anyways, without further ado here they are:

    Song 1 - https://www.box.com/s/y55q1m2b9wz32kh4od81
    Song 2 - https://www.box.com/s/0gnf9qwryt2nfh3l8hvr
    Song 3 - https://www.box.com/s/www1azn9ehpnauuvrcgp
    Song 4 - https://www.box.com/s/lfjkysyqg0cdvuufahey


    ps initially posted this on the wrong forum

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    Re: Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!

    Welcome back to The Listening Room, Dan - Good heavens, you can't let another few years pass again before you post more music!

    These are very interesting pieces, dense, and full of intricate, arresting passages. What you describe as a "mix of pop and classical" makes for a heady musical brew!

    They stand on their own, as you've presented here. You want them to be vocal art songs - With lyrics, do you envision the vocals replacing instrumental lines we hear now, or would the instruments being playing colla voce?

    If you do go ahead with collaborating with a lyricist, that would be a very interesting challenge for both of you. If that develops, I hope you come back to share the results here.

    Wonderful to hear new music here on this Easter morning - Thank you!


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    Re: Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!

    Thoughtful stuff! Do you have a common theme in mind for these pieces?

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    Re: Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!

    Hi dan,

    Very interesting songs in a minimal setting. Randy had an thrilling question about the vocals. Is the violin (and/or the oboe replaceable by a (female) voice with lyrics or just by vocalise? It could be a demanding challenge to perform a counterweight to the minimal orchestration. I would prefer a non textual voice here...


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    Re: Four Songs Without Words -- But I need Words!

    Thanks all for the comments!

    Sorry, I had forgot to mention that the soprano line was being played by the Oboe. So, that was the main melodic line.

    Sample score -- 1st song -- https://www.box.com/s/82w1vgkrrtz81p25838t


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