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Topic: The pleasure of playing in real time...

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    Cool The pleasure of playing in real time...

    I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend, and I share with you this one, because it has been possible thanks to the instruments and the know how you shared with me:


    Being on holiday I had some fun recording a Galliard of Christoph Demantius (1567-1643).
    It's an early Baroque instrumental dance for 6 voices, then brilliant but easy enough to be played on the keyboard in real time (I usually play it live with my early winds ensemble, as second Cornett): I recorded directly with my master keyboard (and the Korg Nanopad as continuous controller) everyone of the 13 instruments performing.

    2 Trumpets by SampleModeling
    3 solo baroque violins by Garritan/Tommasini/Lucato (the glorious Stradivari Solo Violin)
    2 solo baroque cellos by Garritan/Tommasini/Lucato (the glorious Gofriller cello, with my custom IR of baroque viola)
    1 Viola da Gamba (my custom Kontakt programming of old Gamba samples by SoundScan)
    2 percussions by Garritan and EarlyPatches
    Harpsichord by Sampletec
    Violone by VSL
    1 Dulciana (my custom Kontakt programming of old Baroque bassoon samples)

    The key of realism is the real time performance with the real time control of SampleModeling winds and Garritan strings, in combination with VSL MIR pro 24 convolution reverb and spatialization.

    Al the best

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    Re: The pleasure of playing in real time...

    soooo beautiful!


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