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Topic: Festival

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    If I remember well, it is all GPO, but forgive if not. It must be, because of those bells and wi...
    It is spring, so why not having some fun.
    It is an oldie.



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    Re: Festival

    Bravissimo, Raymond

    What a vivid and joyful beginning of spring. Have you thought of the bitter cold nights over here? Old this piece may be, but it is heart warming, better than the absent spring sun.
    It reminds me a bit of Stravinsky's Petruschka. Very nice. I really love it! Brilliantly orchestrated!


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    Re: Festival

    Nice change in texture ~1:40min. The tube-bells, pizzicato etc. shimmer out of the brass passage.

    Tempo changes ~2:20 and ~3:00min area interesting. Almost creates the feeling of going backwards

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    Re: Festival

    Nice to read that you liked this. Imagine a fair with merry-go-rounds, etc.... and you are half-way.


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    Re: Festival

    Raymond this is brilliant.
    Rhythm is keeping together all those nervous and tight melodic phrases.. a Festival, indeed. The different lines couple with surgeon-like precision so that the harmonic spectrum is very planted. This is an very intelligent composition.

    And it is rendered very well, too.

    Thanks for posting it, I very much appreciated. Very inspiring.


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    Re: Festival

    Quote Originally Posted by sec2 View Post
    Raymond this is brilliant. ................... This is an very intelligent composition.
    Thanks for posting it, I very much appreciated. Very inspiring.

    In case you didn't know, I am brilliant and an intelligent guy.... one would immediately go to that fair, enjoying the screaming, sugar canes, sodapops, fortune tellers, .........

    Thank you, nice to read that you enjoyed it.


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    Re: Festival

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62 View Post
    In case you didn't know, I am brilliant and an intelligent guy....

    oh, come on... we all know that you know that we know you are....


    I got lost. I KNOW I got lost...

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    Re: Festival


    It sounds like you had fun with this because it was really fun to listen to.

    It makes me think of Mardi Gras or the Rio Carnival even though I've never experienced either one and I'm not sure if I would want to now at my age.

    I think this would a good piece for youngsters of all ages to enjoy.


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    Re: Festival

    Okay Raymond,

    You're probably sick of hearing this, but I have to concur that this piece is Brilliant! Instantly went to my favorites folder from this forum, along with your 2nd piano concerto.

    The toccata like tempo of the outer sections with the layered harmonies and layered instruments is really superb.
    I agree that the tempo changes in this do sound like it's going backwards. That was a great analogy of that section.

    The overall feeling of vivid colors cascading down upon you is akin to the impressionistic techniques of Stravinsky and Rhespighi's tone poems.

    Be proud of this one!


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    Re: Festival

    Phil, Cass and others,

    it was really fun making this. In fact it was a part of a symphonic poem about The Hague(back in 2007), which I rejected, but I kept the score. With some major and often more minor adjustments I made it fit for this recording. It is more Respighi than Stravinsky IMHO, but it stays Carnival at the fair ground. I hope you survived this upside down tempo changes well.

    Thank you all,


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