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Topic: street lamp

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    street lamp

    This jazz tune uses jabb horns. Please give a listen and tell me what you think of it.
    Thanks. Jay


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    Re: street lamp

    There's no doubt about it - This is simply a Red Letter Day here this morning at the Forum. My wife, Kate, and I just got through listening to Dongios' fantastic debut - everyone MUST listen to his group's rendition of "Non Ti Scordar Di Me" which now has lush GPO layers in it.

    And now we've been serenaded with your expert guitar leading your very hip backing band, Jay - With "Street Lamp" warming up the atmosphere here at our place this morning, we felt maybe we had somehow zoomed back to last night when we had a mellow jazz station on. I'm sure I've said it before - those stations would do very well to start getting your tracks in their playlists.

    Excellent work, as always, Jay - I'm in awe of both the quality and quantity of your output. You're a human music machine, but with none of the assembly line quality one might associate with "machine"- -no, you're just prolific and masterful.


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    Re: street lamp

    Randy! These are very nice words that you said about me and my music. I would love to have some of my music on a radio station. Maybe sometime that will happen. In the mean time, I'm trying hard not to have a cookie cutter approach to songs that I write so there can be some variety in the sound.

    I also listened to Dongio's post and I found it very impressive indeed. Without a doubt, his work and Graham Plowman's has made this a "red letter day" for me too.

    That short piece that I PM'd you about some days ago is moth balled for now and I have started a new orchestral type of piece that employs suggestions that you made. Perhaps down the road a bit, I may be satisfied enough with it to post for real.
    I can't thank you enough for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: street lamp

    What a cool piece of jazz music! Your guitar fits in with the GJ&BB instruments perfectly. Is the drum kit Garritan?

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    Re: street lamp

    Hey Sean! Thanks for the listen. Over the past few years, I have picked up some sample percussion hits on the internet. I put the samples in native instruments "battery" and use those for drum parts. Thanks for commenting. Jay

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    Re: street lamp

    Jay, your pieces should be on the radio. They are perfect, in sound, form, and style. I admit I don't sit and listen to this style of music very often, but the radio station I leave on in the car has a jazz program and this music belongs there with all the famous pieces I hear. It's brilliant.
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    Re: street lamp

    Graham! Thanks for saying that my pieces could be on the radio. I would like to have that happen sometime. I know that jazz is not as popular as many other styles of music, so I appreciate your giving this a listen.
    Thanks for the comments. Jay

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    Re: street lamp

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks to this wonderful forum (and a number of great composers), i've learnt to appreciate jazz. And you're one of them. Again, you got me thrilled by the magic of the soft guitar, so well balanced with the bass and percussion in such a lovely recording. That kind of music has two advantages: either you can listen to it carefully and discover every magical detail, or you can just go on with your activities and enjoy a very nice background without being distracted. It's certainly multipurpose music with a rich content!

    Thanks again for sharing,


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    Re: street lamp

    What a "cool" piece. Nice guitar work. As a fellow guitarist this is a part of me that is always in conflict. I want to write classical music but I also want to do this sort of thing. I love this kind of music. I am having a hard time telling what is sampled and what is real.Would you mind sharing a little.

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    Re: street lamp

    Thanks a lot Max! I agree with you that this is a comfortable piece to listen in the background. Jazz is my favorite style of music and I enjoy bringing some of it to this forum. I am pleased that you liked it.

    Richard! I can easily, mentally fall into a jazz mode for writing, but I have to work a little to get into a classical mode of thinking. Once I am there, it works out okay. It is good to hear from you that the line between sampled and real instruments is blurry. That to me, means that the mix is working.
    The instruments for this are:
    guitar: live
    bass: trillion
    percussion: mix and match hits used in native instruments battery
    horns: JABB ( flugel, alto, tenor, trombone).

    I thank you both for listening and commenting. It is much appreciated. Jay

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