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Topic: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

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    5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Okay, there was recent thread about the composer voting \"madness\".....

    I have a bigger issue. I need to give a list member 10 stars and it will only allow me to give five.

    All users of this forum take note: PAT SHOVE is a ten star out of five type of guy. Aboslutely fantastic help for me during a recent crash and dire emergency situation.


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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Okay, now I realize that \"this member is not allowing member ratings\". So if everyone could just use some imagination and whenever you see PatS responding, you know there are supposed to be 10 stars underneath his name.

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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    I totally agree Rob. Pat is one of the shining stars on this forum (well at least 10 of them).

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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Somebody keep voting for me so my 4 stars rise to a 5 star rating and my self esteem sky rockets. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Stars?! Whee don need no steenking starz! [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Pat Shove. Let’s see . . . first rate musician; first rate intellect; first rate computer tech; generous beyond limit with his time and expertise; Hmmm, sometimes you just need to accept the fact that star rating systems aren’t up to the job.


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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    Let\'s give him 11 stars! Pat helped me out a few months ago with some Linux setup issues and was very generous with his time.

    Now if we could help him find more time for composing!!

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    Re: 5 stars not enough (PatS)

    I like it!, as in, Spinal Tap:

    \"Why not just re-label the knob like all the other amplifiers that go to ten?\"

    \"But, but...this one goes to Eleven!\"

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