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Topic: VOTA sample

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    VOTA sample

    Can anyone post their music made with VOTA, where VOTA is \"singing\" a real song that listeners can understand the lyrics clearly?

    The VOTA demos sound great, but I have no idea what they\'re saying. Is it Latin or just mumbo-jumbo?

    Is this possible with VOTA? Or am I expecting too much?

    I know it\'s going to be time consuming to create such a thing, but am curious if anybody has done it.

    I\'m thinking of getting VOTA and the new ver2 utility.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    It\'s my guess that that would sound very creepy and weird.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    It might sound weird JC but wasn\'t that EXACTLY what all the hype over VOTA was supposed to be about, that they could sing actual words?

    I second the question asked in the original post. Hey, I would make one if someone would send me a complementary copy of VOTA... Mr. Pheonix, need my address? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: VOTA sample

    The tool (ver2) drives up me the wall - STILL!!

    It\'s really tricky & I had do a complete re-edit in Giga and Logic Transformer to get this to work a \"bit\" more easier.

    And after all that it\'s still really funky to get VOTA to sound like Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen).

    I usually just go for \"inferred\" inflections:

    Nos - ta - roo, Aaaahhh - Ra - too, Eeeeeeehh - Ra - too, Oooohh Ta.......

    They\'re heavily mixed in with the rest of the Strings and Brass so I\'d have to remix for you to hear that more clearly.

    If I get more time these days - I\'ll do it and post it.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    I could not resist posting this. So halarious. I didn\'t make it, just found it. Warning, there is profanity, so don\'t listen if you\'ll be offended.


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    Re: VOTA sample

    Oh, man, that\'s great! One of my fondest dreams is to someday do that with a real choir.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    Well, shame on me for listening, but It takes alot of imagination to figure out what they are singing. I think if I wasn\'t told, I would have no idea, that they are swearing. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Strange indeed.
    But somebody had to do it. [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: VOTA sample

    Hehee LOL!!

    In the middle of the piece the males say (sing?)

    F@* You

    Still laughing. But ya see what I mean? It\'s kind of like Nick said following this reply - choirs, in general, are hard to understand especially in large halls.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    The truth is: VotA will never pass for a real choir singing lyrics, unless there is music behind it. Large choirs are very hard to understand in general, so VotA will work in most instances.

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    Re: VOTA sample

    Thanks Nick.

    My plan is to make Christian and Praise music, using the VOTA choir to sing the lyrics. I just don\'t know how \"intelligible\" the result will be, but I think VOTA will be perfect for this purpose.

    This is only for a hobby, but just in case this gets on CD, does VOTA require credits similar to the SOV requirement?

    You mentioned something about VOTA not allowed to be use for Film commercial music?


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