Up til this point I have done only rock,pop, and rap oriented stuff so I have zero experience in other types of music. I am doing the music for a mock-up commercial of a film student. For whatever reason, he chose Nicorette gum. The video shows a guy sitting at work having a nic fit and the camera is circling him to alude to his anxiousness. The first line of the VO says \"Feel like you\'re on a ride that just wont stop?\"
I got the idea to do a \"carnival ride gone bad\" for the music. I used calliope,kick drum,pizzicato cello, triangles, cello, and trumpet. The chromatic melody is used first for just the calliope, then the cello joins in, then the trumpets and snare drums join in. I used the same midi track for the three, but lengthened some of the notes on the trumpet and cello to make them \"not so choppy\". The tempo slowly gets faster and on the last note he puts the Nicorette in his mouth.
I just need general suggestions on balance,panning, and let me know if it sounds too synthetic and if so what part makes it sound as such. I am in uncharted territory with this music, but I want to improve my composition skills. Thanks
for help.
Travis Barnes