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Topic: How about a new pricing paradigm?

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    How about a new pricing paradigm?

    Perhaps with all of these great new libraries coming out and all of them being extremely well priced other sample library companies may want to adjust their pricing as well. Some of the older libraries still have great sounds that we all could use but still cost quite a bit. Rather than having them sit on the shelves collecting dust why don\'t these companies create new \"Golden Oldies\" libraries? I know how much hard work and investment went in to creating them but hopefully by now these companies have made their money on the older libraries. I\'m not suggesting a blow-out until their gone scenario or lower pricing on brand new libraries. Just good \'ol everyday low prices for some of the older (but still desirable) stuff. Software companies continue to repackage their older technologies, I think it would be cool if sample library companies did so as well! Just a thought.

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    Re: How about a new pricing paradigm?

    Yea that would be great! I mean look at the Roland Orch samples. Thomas J knows how good these are especially if you reprogram them. Ahh it would be great to see it as a VST sometime... or failing that even just rereleased...

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