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Topic: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

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    GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    Today I finished the new \"Light Editions\" of the GRANDIOSO libraries. They are typically around 1 GB, and are limited versions.

    The Light Edition of the PMI Steinway D is a small version of the GRANDIOSO Steinway D for Gigasampler and GigaStudio.
    This Light Edition version offers:
    - 900 MB of samples that were FX-processed for a compact sample set
    - 8 layers of velocity
    - release triggered resonance samples
    - rich resonant sustain pedal down samples only
    - the same help file as the full version
    - small price

    The PMI Bosendorfer 290 Light Editions are similar products to the one just mentioned, each around 900 MB; one is the DRY PMI Bosendorfer 290 the other is the WET PMI Bosendorfer 290.

    Bosendorfer 290 DRY Light:
    - all 16 velocity layers
    - rich resonant samples
    - dry recorded sample set only
    - all release samples

    Bosendorfer 290 WET Light:
    - all 16 velocity layers
    - both sustain pedal up and down samples
    - wet recorded sample set only
    - all release layers

    The idea is to make the same GRANDIOSO quality that the full versions have available for users who don\'t need the full set because they are looking for a specific type of sound only. The friendly price could also make it a try-out version when considering the full sets.

    The Full versions offer a lot more:
    - Up to 16 layers of velocity
    - more sampled velocity layers
    - separate samples for sustain pedal down and sustain pedal up
    - more layers of release triggered samples
    - the ability to use the GRANDIOSO FX tool for true re-pedaaling, the realistci pedal down sound and extra dimensions for release samples in the 16 layered instruments
    (for Steinway D only
    - compressed version of all the samples
    - distant version of the samples for advanced surround applications

    More info on our website: www.postpiano.com

    Michiel Post

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    Re: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    Michiel, could you perhaps create a demo of othe same sequence played on both version of the pianos?

    Also, will you be offering an upgrade path?

    Ant by the way, thanks for converting prices into dollars (at loeast on he site I got to), I ordered the Orchestral CD without having to worry about euro conversion issues.


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    Re: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    All I actually use is the wet 16 layer version of the BOS. Is the light version exactly the same???

    Ditto for the various permutations of the Steinway D.

    Also, planning anything new in the piano category???? Perhaps another great piano sampled in a larger hall?


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    Re: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    demos for the Bos290 light editions are useless; they will exactly the same as the demos of the dry and wet versions in the full edition- the same samples were used, the same programming is there.
    Demo for the Steinway D light edition is up: Steinway D light
    Upgrade is: full price minus Light edition price.

    John, yes, exactly the same!
    new works are in the pipeline - but I can not talk about it though.

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    Re: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    Can\'t find an online order form for the Steinway Light

    J Grant

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    Re: GRANDIOSO Light Editions

    found it! Well, found PART of the online purchase site. But it doesn\'t permit actual purchase of lite Steinway. Which version, wet or dry was used for the latest fantastic demo?

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