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Topic: Logic and the TDM bridge

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    Logic and the TDM bridge

    I\'m curious if anyone is running Logic with a TDM bridge. With this setup is it possible to run TDM plugs (such as the virus) from within Logic?

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    Sure is. TDM plugz run as TDM within the DAE TDM domain and Logic\'s (and any and all VST2 plugz for that matter) are accessed by using emagic\'s ESB plug.

    In Logic audio driver prefernces TDM/DAE is enabled and once you get the ESB plug in there you also select/enable DirectConnect.

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    Ooops double post.

    Don\'t ya hate it when that happens? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    Just to clarify further, note that you don\'t need ESB to run the Access Virus, since it\'s a TDM plug-in. Logic Audio Platinum supports TDM without ESB, although you do need the HD extension to use it with Pro Tools HD systems.

    I use ESB as my sound card on OS 9.

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    So let\'s say I want to run virus - which I do - what would I need to get? I\'m currently running Logic Platinum with a MOTU 2408. Would I have to just get a single PT card? Mix? HD? If you don\'t mind throw out some options [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    I don\'t think you need any PT cards for Virus.

    Doesn\'t that just show up as a VST? (sorry don\'t use Virus).

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    Virus is not a VSTi.

    The reason it exists as a TDM plug-in is that the hardware version runs on the same Motorola chip, so it was very easy to port. So yes, you do need a TDM system to run it.

    Fantastic sounding synthesizer, by the way.

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    Re: Logic and the TDM bridge

    Aahhhh very interesting. I don\'t use it but maybe I\'ll check it out now.

    So it DOES run through the TDM bus eh?

    So guess ya need some PT cards - I use Mix+ D24 cards and they\'re not too pricey. SUPER fast performance from Logic\'s audio engine and functions. Got 96 tracks at 24 bit! Maybe you should check on eBay. I got one of my PT DSP cards there.

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