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Topic: Please Help!

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    Please Help!

    Does anyone know how to get a giga XP system talking to a Mac over a LAN. I need to move gigs of samples to my Mac!

    Thank you in advance!!


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    Re: Please Help!

    If you can boot your Mac in OSX - it will find the PC automatically and you can copy, then just reboot in 9.

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    Re: Please Help!

    Don\'t you need a specific software program like \"Dave\" to handle this kind of thing? I\'m not that up on it, but I believe this is what you need to accomplish the Mac-PC network thing. This would avoid switching to OS X .

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    Re: Please Help!

    You can use Dave, but if you have OSX, it\'s built in - you don\'t need to spend $150 on it, and it works really well. It takes about 30 seconds to switch startup disks from os9 to X, so it\'s not a big deal.

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    Re: Please Help!

    If you use OS 9, you can try Timbuktu Pro.
    Install the software in every comp and you will
    share/control every mac/PC connected to your LAN.
    Also I haven\'t tried this but I think Timbuktu can
    be used as a kind of KVM too...


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