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Topic: Atmosphere or Stylus?

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    Atmosphere or Stylus?

    So the producer says, \"I\'m not telling you to rip anyone off, but I\'d like you to keep that Hans Zimmer guy in mind while you write this...\"

    I\'m sure something like this has happened to many of you before, so I\'ll forego the obvious rant this provokes in me. Since this guy wants some results now, I\'ve gotta get a move on. I\'ve never written anything even remotley Zimmer-esque, but I have wanted to start experimenting with the incorporation of electronica into my works.

    So, I figured the obvious place to start was Spectrasonics. Great demos, rave reviews from many here... sure sounds like a bargain. I\'m just not sure which one to sign up for, Stylus or Atmosphere. Do I desperatley need both and just don\'t know it yet?

    If someone wouldn\'t mind filling me in, I\'d appreciate it. I just tried calling Spectrasonics, but they\'ve closed shop for the day. If I don\'t want either of these, then I\'m completley lost. But for tonight at least, this is what I gotta figure out.


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    Re: Atmosphere or Stylus?

    I would say Atmosphere would be a good choice for synth textures and vibes. It\'s really good and has so much variety that you won\'t sound like everybody else - at least not for a while. I\'m really happy with it.

    When I think zimmer drum stuff, I would think more Percussive Adventure kind of vibe - not hip hop beats that Stylus is more geared. It looks like the new StormDrum or Perc Adv II would be money better spent for the kind of sound that you\'re after.

    Hope that helps. Atmosphere is really great.....

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    Re: Atmosphere or Stylus?

    Mike, I\'ll second that. Atmosphere is great, easy to use, huge resource for synths, sound design, electronica of all kinds. No drums though..You would need to look elsewhere for cool loopage, beats etc


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    Re: Atmosphere or Stylus?

    Stylus and Atmosphere are both great and each reflects a great deal of work by Spectrasonics. Atmosphere was reviewed in this month\'s Keyboard mag. Overall the reviewer loves it, and the other few features that he thought it should include, Spectrasonics is planning on including in the next version or update.
    I didn\'t need to read a review though to come to the conclusion that it is a wonderful softsynth.

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    Re: Atmosphere or Stylus?

    I love this forum!!!
    Everything posted above is dead on accurate imo.
    I own both and love them!!!!!!!
    But nothing about them says \"zimmer\".
    Perc adv does.
    Stormdrum REALLY does but its not out yet.
    Sequence some percussive BIG ethnic drums and add in some Perc adv on top mixed further back.

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    Re: Atmosphere or Stylus?

    Thanks for the quick replies. There was no mention of a specific zimmer score, but as the film isn\'t heavy action really, I\'ve got a feeling he\'s remembering zimmer\'s quiter moments: soft-tension traditional orchestra with some ambient synth arpegiations and stuff going on beneath. From what I can tell, atmosphere sounds like it would suit that need.

    Hopefully, they\'ll like what I\'m doing with these sounds originally, and not push me any further with this silly zimmer thing. Again thanks, I\'m gunna call Spectrasonics tommorrow and get a little more info, then prolly just buy atmosphere for now, and see where that takes me.

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