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Topic: Look out behind you

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    Look out behind you

    Has anyone had any luck with Gigastudio on a
    lap-top? Maybe with a firewire drive?
    or how about Logic/Exs on a powerbook?
    I\'d like a mini VSL set-up for live gigs,composing in a hammock and for pizz icato violins when I\'m sneaking up on people.

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    Re: Look out behind you

    Logic/EXS works great on my Tibook 667...


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    Re: Look out behind you

    Ashif had 160 voices on a laptop a year or more ago. I\'m waiting for the arrival of the new Echo Indigo (backordered) to complement my new Powernotebooks.com machine - 2.53 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 512 MB, 40 gig 5400 RPM drive, USB 2.0 and Firewire, (about $1650) this puppy should HOWL!


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    Re: Look out behind you

    I did a lot of research into Notebooks for a system that could run both Giga and Cakewalk.

    I ordered a P4 2.4GHz notebook with a Gig of RAM running XP with an AVammo firewire drive. The computer was fast as heck but I had to ship the notebook back to the company because of the two fans that ROARED from the intensive heat of the P4. I couldn\'t take listening to those fans run. One fan was turning on every couple minutes even when I wasn\'t doing anything on the computer.

    So, be aware of fast notebooks. And be aware of window\'s firewire capabilities which aren\'t up to the specs of Macs (and Mac just came out with a 800Mbps firewire capability)

    Incidentally after I sent the darn thing back, went for my first Mac Titanium G4 1GHz with future hopes of running Logic and EXS. Glad to hear that they are working nicely together. And even better to hear my giga libraries will convert. and even better to think of that really fast firewire at 800Mbps.

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    Re: Look out behind you

    Toshiba Tecra Piii 800mhz

    160 voices on giga, I with bigger orchestrations I try and limit the poly to about 145 jsut in case.

    Works great and out of the box with no audio card, since it uses the older Yamaha sound chip that also has VXD drivers. Running 98SE

    I dont use it much in the giga arena tho, just as an extra when I need high poly or am not using htelap to do editing (which I\'ve been doing alot of lately). I tend to let this sucker do the render work and sometimes Giga Editor editing/saving. So I can jsut go to the desktop and work (or chat on IRC or come here [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] )

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