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Topic: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

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    Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop


    I\'ve searched the site for info about audio popping especially in relation to M-Audio Delta cards. I\'ve followed all the advice - updated the drivers, lowered graphics acceleration and tried to keep VSTIs to a minimum. I\'m still getting pops. They get worse the more I load into Kontakt, but I\'m also getting them intermittently during ordinary Mp3 playback via windows media player without any other audio applications active.

    Is this a general M-Audio weakness or do you think my system is unstable?

    This is getting to be an increasing liability for music production, and I foresee real problems when I acquire the new GPO and EWQLSO libraries in the New Year.

    My M-Audio card is the 24/94. I have a P4 with 2.6 ghz and 1gb ram. Can anyone offer further advice?

    My thanks

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Thanks for the replies.

    Owel: My system was already pre-tweaked by the audio specialist company that put the computer together. I checked the background tasks item, and it was set correctly.

    RickD: Is there any way I can do a troubleshoot test to determine if it\'s a clock problem? Perhaps I ought to say that I\'m no computer expert, so should I leave something like that to an expert?

    Kbaccki: My specs from the supplied sheet -

    Windows Home XP

    Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz 533 FSB

    Motherboard/chipset type -Asus P4B533 - DDR USB2 Mainboard

    2X 512mb DDR SDRAM

    160gb IDE Hard Drive 7200 8mb Cache

    32mb AGP graphics card

    300w Standard PSU

    My buffer setting was and is set to 512 by default, but I\'ve experimented with raising it up to 1792 to no avail. Raising only creates keyboard latency problems.

    I\'ve recently installed a firewire card, but the popping existed before this anyway. In fact, I noticed the pops from day 1 (about six months ago) while playing Kontakt in standalone mode as a single low polyphony instrument. Obviously things get worse when Kontakt or any VST is used multitimbrally with a host sequencer.

    Typo: I wrote that the card is a 24/94. No. It\'s a M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 OEM to be exact.

    Thanks for your help so far.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    I\'ve had the same card and had nothing but problems. Even with all the tweaks it\'s still really unreliable. I\'ve had it in 3 different machines and they all had some type of audio stutters, clicks, blah, blah. At some point I\'d cut your losses and look at another card and save your sanity. There hasn\'t been a new driver for this one for a long time so it\'s probably not going to get better.

    Not to be pessimistic about it......


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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    I have an AP24/96 too and although it\'s definitely not the best audio card I own, it should be able to play an MP3 cleanly.

    I would check your hardware IRQ assignments, if the audio card is sharing an IRQ with USB or graphics (or anything in fact) you will have problems getting clean audio.


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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Not sure about this particular card, but most have a Clock sync indicators that will explicity state if things are in sync or not.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Sometimes, I\'ve found that M-Audio cards just DO NOT work with certain chipsets. A year and a half or so ago, I had a VIA chipset with the M-Audio card, and I got nothing but pops, and they would only get worse, not better. Eventually I upgraded my motherboard to the ASUS A7N266-E (sad they don\'t make it anymore) and the card worked wonderfully. I\'d call M-Audio and see what they say about your Intel chipset. They told me themselves... sometimes, it just won\'t work. Not an answer I wanted to hear.

    Suffice to say, these days I steer clear of M-Audio products and I plan to go the route of MOTU and Echo Audio. The Echo MIAMIDI is a great solution about the same price as your M-Audio card, I think.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Try, this.... keep going back a driver version till it works. It\'s been noted that some of their driver versions DO cause pops in certain systems. I had to go back a version and all was well.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    My M-Audio card is the 24/94.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Are you also running midi through this card? Before you go hardcore, changing IRQ\'s etc, etc. Try disabling the midi. Even download a trial version of midi over lan plus if the card is on a network machine.

    I\'ve seen clicks and pops on the 24/96 magically go away when you turn of the midi.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Use the .27 drivers, not the .29.

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    Re: Help needed: M-Audio Snap Crackle and Pop

    Asus P4B533 uses the Intel 845 chipset. I haven\'t had any problems with that (as far as I know). I keep hearing nightmares about some of the VIA chipsets, though.

    Drivers.... it\'s ususally good to have the latest drivers for all your devices, BUT NOT ALWAYS. As Bob Wolski says, use the 27 version not the 29 version. (In fact, I may purposefully be behind one rev on my delta drivers... can\'t remember). As far as video drivers, I can tell you this: when I installed the latest and greatest ATI drivers for my 8500 whoosywhatsit about 6 months ago I got nuthin\' but this very faint, yet audible, chatter when moving windows around the screen, displaying popup menus, etc. Rollback to the previous version, and no problemo.

    Which reminds me... let us know what make/model video card you\'re using. There are certain brands that are known to cause serious problems with audio workstations (nVidia based cards?). Someone here might be able to shed some light...

    To find you card make and model: Start menu => Settings => Control Panels => Display => Settings => Advanced.

    While you\'re at it, give us a screenshot or text list of the following: Start menu => Control Panel => System => Hardware => Device Manager => View menu => Resources by Connection => Interrupt Request (IRQ)

    - Keith

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