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Topic: 5.1 Encoding w/Logic and Mac

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    5.1 Encoding w/Logic and Mac

    Everyone -

    I am interested in experimenting with 5.1 encoding, using Logic 6.3.1 on Mac OSX, with my Motu828 Mk2.

    Assuming I have the speakers set up, and correctly playing through the 828 from within logic, I can bounce discrete audio files for the various channels.

    Does anyone know of any 5.1 encoding software I can use to then make a mix file of (preferably with mac os x)? I\'ve heard that dvd studio pro 2 has a 5.1 encoder in it, but I am not sure if it\'s just for dvd work.

    Also, can I then take that final mix file and put it on a cd, play through a 5.1 system and hear the results?


    Eric Doggett

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    Re: 5.1 Encoding w/Logic and Mac

    Yes, you can bounce the 6 discrete channels in LAP 6.3.1 ...

    I believe the encoder in dvd studio is only a Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder.

    Mind you ..... this is a can of worms, i suggest snooping around the web and digging up some answers.

    I\'ll try to give ya a few quicky tips.

    I use software encoders for Dolby Digital and DTS made by Surcode ( www.surcode.com ) these 2 formats use lossy compression algorithms to provide the 6 channels encoded into one file. They are limited to 16bit 48k max.

    To attain a higher quality (resolution) you can encode with a lossless MLP encoding. It is capable of 24bit/96k (or 88.2) for multichannel and 24bit/192k for 2 channel/stereo. Of course, MLP (aka DVD-Audio) sounds better.

    Both DTS and DD 5.1 (AC-3) can be burned to Red Book cd and played back on a DVD player and Home Theatre system (or \'game\' soundcard with decoder) with respective decoders.

    MLP (DVD-A) requires a specific DVD-A capable player, also it requires the reciever to have 6 discrete analog outputs (DTS and DD can travel through coax or toslink).

    SACD is also another 5.1 medium ... but it is not PCM based. So im gonna skip that one ;-) [[ not to mention, it will never be availble to do \'one-offs\' ---- considering it is watermarked, etc]]

    Hope that answers a few questions ....

    Basically .... do some research ;-)


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