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Topic: If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

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    If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

    I suddenly feel the burning need to write chants in elvish for a piece I\'m working on! So I\'m thinking of buying VOTA. But I\'ve never heard the choir on it own, saying a few words. In the demos, the choir is kinda buried in the mix a bit. Don\'t get me wrong, it sounds great, but I would like to hear it on it\'s own.

    If anyone that owns VOTA would like to, I would just love to hear the choir sing the four opening bars to John Williams\' \"Duel of the Fates\". It\'s just 8 syllables, but It would give me a good idea of the lib.

    If anyone is interested in posting this, I would be very greatful, and I\'m sure it would be a great excercise anyway [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'ll post the words and notes later today, when I get home, for those that don\'t have the score.

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    Re: If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

    not time to do duel of the fates but


    this was an OLD demo I did when I first got VotA. This was before the word building tool and before the consonants updates in version 2.0

    It would probably sound a ton better with the new update, since the consonants are the problems here.

    Layering a solo voice or three would liven it up. We did do that on the board here (I forget who supplied the voice, its been a while)


    Anyhow, this is prolly more intimate than you want, but might actually be better for you. The consonants actually works better in louder passages with percussive consonants. Again layering a solo voice or three would help really bring out a continuity in the actual words.

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    Re: If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

    Thanks King!!!!

    This forum RAAAAAAAWWWWKKKKSSSSS coz of people like you, always willing to take the time to help out. I still remember all the help you gave me months ago, when I was chosing a setup for GS.

    I\'ll have a listen tonight.

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    Re: If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

    Thanks Scoredog!

    I\'m still going to post the notes for duel of the fates, incase anyone wants to see how VOTA stands up to Lord Williams!! hehehe [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    The words are:
    Kor-ah____ Mah-tah____ Kor-ah____ Rah-tah-mah____

    That\'s nine syllables. Here are the notes for each syllable (I will refrain from using notation like C4, because it seems different sequencers are in dissagreement over what octave is which!):

    b, (center line of the treble clef)
    the g directly below
    the e directly below
    the b directly below
    the g directly below that

    exactly the same chord

    b, (center line of the treble clef)
    the a directly below
    the b a seventh below
    the a a second below that

    the b again, (center line of the treble clef)
    the f# directly below
    the b a fifth below
    the f# a fourth below that

    e (top space treble clef)
    the b below
    the g below
    the e below
    the b below that

    the same chord

    f# (top line, treble clef)
    the b below
    the a below that
    the f# below that
    the b below that
    the A a second below

    e-flat (top line, treble clef)
    the c below
    the g below that
    the e-flat below that
    the c below that

    the same chord

    Wow, you\'d be completely mad to do me this favour! LOL!!! Oh, well, at least anybody who was curious about what those notes were now knows.... mind you, if you switch step record on and just read what I\'ve written above, it should only take a minute. Things get silly rather quickly here in my bedroom studio at night.... hmmmm I think I\'ll have another can of warm beer....

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    Re: If you have VOTA.... (demo proposal)

    I am pretty sure most sequencers have the option to set where middle c rests, as middle c is usually c4.

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