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Topic: Short Composition

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    Short Composition

    This is a short composition I sketched out last week. It was a beautiful spring day and I was listening to pieces here in the "listening room" inspired by the coming spring. Since I am at times not very original, I could think of no other title than Spring. In reality I wanted to post something so that I could feel like I belonged to the community and, most important, so I could learn from the insights of others. So please critique the piece-from voice leading to rendering to form to whatever. I have no illusions as to my place in the universe of composers. I have pretty thick skin and I am determined to learn as much as I can. I will learn nothing in a vacuum.

    This was mixed on my studio monitors. I am not sure if I should be mixing for typical computer speakers or just mixing on the monitors. I also am unsure how to vary the tempo to achieve a more authentic sound. I experimented in a couple of places in a very subtle way. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: Short Composition

    Richard! I would like to hear your music, but I don't want to have to create an account a site just to listen. Can you put the music someplace else? Thanks Jay.

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    Re: Short Composition

    Hi, would love to listen, but it's asking me to log into a Box account. I know there's a way to set it to public so anyone can listen. I don't have a box account.
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    Re: Short Composition

    After uploading your piece, click on share, click small arrow, select "get link to file" click and a link will come up. Right click on the link (turns blue) and click copy. Back in your post, Edit your post, delete the old address, paste in the new link, save changes: done.
    Looking forward hearing it.

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    Re: Short Composition

    I think this link will work. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


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    Re: Short Composition

    Richard! Your piece has some nice rhythmic interest to it. I like that. It seems that the last posts on the forum are "short" compositions. Interesting! Anyway thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Short Composition


    This excites me to no end seeing new, first time orchestral works from members here. This is what makes the forum a fun place for me so first of all, thanks for posting this.

    I like the piece very much! I can't add anything on how to improve the compositional aspect of it because its your own voice and its very satisfying to my ears. I was quite impressed with your orchestration as well. You have sections of full orchestra altered with sections of solo and chamber like passages. Nice variety of sounds and blending.

    The only thing that can improve this work in my opinion would be the rendering. It lacks the richness, fullness, and overall blending that many orchestral renderings on this forum have obtained. Unfortunately, I'm not the one to ask on how to improve the overall sound because I haven't written any (sample) orchestral works for years now. Hopefully those that do on this forum can give you a few pointers.

    Anyway, I was very impressed indeed!! Thanks again for posting.


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    Re: Short Composition

    jaynkate01 thank you. When I was working through Counterpoint materials I was always struck by the suggestion of starting the second voice with a rest. I said what an interesting way to approach a counterpoint exercise. One day I was writing a passage and trying to hear the next line and that thought popped into my head-start it with a rest. Seems like such a simple thing but it helped me a great deal in trying to develop rhythmical lines. Rests are great.

    Cass thank you very much for the encouragement it means a lot to me. Listening to the music posted by you and others on the forum I know I have a long way to go but I get so much from listening to the work and words of others. This is really a great forum. I actually posted a work to this forum well over a year ago-which would have been my first orchestral work I suppose. But it is somewhat embarrassing and I do not want to draw attention to it. And you are right I have so much to learn and apply in the rendering of the music. It is my good fortune that there are some on this forum who are masters at it.

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    Re: Short Composition

    Hi, Richard - Dinner calls me away, but since I've just now listened to and enjoyed your music, I wanted to at least say that I really enjoyed it.

    That was a drama early in the thread - how you used the wrong link at first. BUT you must now edit your opening post - I clicked it, with the same bad result of Box asking me to log in. The later link works, so now put that in the opening post also.

    Rendering-wise, the major thing missing is reverberation. It's unnaturally dry. Just using the Sends in ARIA will make it all fine, with a nice Convolution Reverb turned on in the FX window.

    --edit-- more layers of instruments doubling up on the same MIDI tracks is also needed. That will get you the thicker sound being asked for on the thread.

    Gotta run - Thanks for the music!


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    Re: Short Composition

    Randy, thank you for taking the time to listen. I thought I had changed the link in the original post but I just now copied the link from the second post and pasted it to he first. I was not sure how much reverb to use so I obviously need to experiment with using more. From what you said I take it you recommend using the reverb in Aria. I used the Sonitus Reverb in Sonar and inserted it into the Aria FX bin in the Sonar console strip. And I will go back and review the post that we had talking about layering because I did not layer anything. You have been a tremendous resource for me as have others on this forum and if I have not said it before I just want to say thank you.

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