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Topic: OT: New MOTU Sampler plug in

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    OT: New MOTU Sampler plug in

    Just what we need...another software sampler! Did anyone see this at NAMM?


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    Re: OT: New MOTU Sampler plug in

    Nice GUI

    Can it do streaming?

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    Re: OT: New MOTU Sampler plug in

    looks like its based on UVI.. same engine as plugsound and spectrasonics vsti I believe.


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    Re: OT: New MOTU Sampler plug in

    It can\'t do streaming yet but certainly looks interesting. I like the fact that they\'ve tried to make file management top notch from the outset - one of the major problems with Kontakt. Of course, they had to make it able to import anything as its just come out. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Has a lot of potential I think, its just for MAS now (DP) but RTAS and VST are planned. They do plan to add streaming as well.

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