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Topic: Latency with Piano . . . help!

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    Latency with Piano . . . help!

    Just bought a bunch of the excellent Giga Pianos out there. Bardstown, Studio 88, Rain Piano, MAG. My 40GB Seagate 7200rpm drive was pretty full with other Giga libraries and Win 98SE. I noticed I get some delay when playing piano libraries. But never noticed the delays in other Libraries before.

    Would it help if I added a second drive dedicated to Audio? Also are there any other tweaks I can do to minimize this delays? The rest of my system is a P4 2GHz with 512MB Ram. Pretty stable, aside from the delay.

    Any comments and advice from you Gigastudio mavens out there will be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Latency with Piano . . . help!

    Are you aware of that the latency settings can be changed? Open the control desk (I do this at my soundcard) and go to \"config\" where you can adjust the latency. For my setup (Egosys Gigastation-yuk) Giga cannot be open when doing this. It works for me! I have to change the setting frequently as I add more libraries. My drives are both 50-60% full. Hope this helps...

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    Re: Latency with Piano . . . help!

    Also it would probably help a lot toget a second drive dedicated just to the samples. That is the recommended configuration for GS, and uinless you defragged just before installaiton, a full drive probably is tucking bits and pieces of the samples all over the drive, increasing your latency.


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    Re: Latency with Piano . . . help!

    I am nearly certain this will not be a drive issue. GS works by caching the beginning of the samples (ie the sample heads for ALL samples in the gig), then when you play a new note it starts playing the sample for the appropriate dimention and begins streaming it from the drive before the cache is empty. If your drive is too slow, it will not stream solidly, but as long as the sound is reliable, a new drive won\'t speed up the time it starts to play the beginning of the sample, cached in physical memory.

    The midi response and beginning of playing is really fast both because the sample is pre-cached, and because the sampler is built into the kernel and gets highest priority. You can load 20 more pianos and none of them will slow down, this is what GS is all about!

    You have latency issues elsewhere, probably because of your sound card buffer settings, maybe in the beginnings of the samples themselves (not clipped tight). Also investigate your midi chain, thoough this is probably not the problem. I doubt the samples are the problem too.

    More samples on the drive won\'t increase latency, but all drives are slower at the end of the drive when it\'s full. This and fragmentation will affect sound reliablity (ie does it break up or stream solidly), but they will not affect latency. If you hear otherwise, take it with a grain of salt, GS is widely misunderstood.

    2 drives will isolate you from system related drive traffic (mostly related to the OS\'s virtual memory), plus you can record audio to the first drive without affecting the sampler. You\'ll know if you have a problem, and it won\'t be latency.


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